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Kevin Von Erich


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Wrestler: Kevin Von Erich

Real Name: Kevin Adkisson

Birthday: May 15, 1957

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Marital Status: Married To Pam With 4 Kids

Height & Weight: 6'2 - 235lbs

Trained by: Fritz von Erich

Debut: 1976

Previous Gimmicks:

Finishing Move: The Iron Claw

Favorite Moves: Flying Cross body

Notable Feuds: The Freebirds

Chris Adams

Gino Hernandez

# World Class Texas Tag Team titles (2);

# NWA (World Class) American Tag Team titles (3);

# NWA (World Class) American Heavyweight titles (5);

# NWA Missouri Heavyweight title;

# World Class World Tag Team titles;

# All Japan All-Asian Tag Team title;

# World Class All-Asian Tag Team titles;

# World Class 6-Man Tag Team titles (9);

# WCWA (World Class Wrestling Association) World Heavyweight title;

# WCWA (World Class Wrestling Association) World Tag Team titles (3);

# World Class Texas Heavyweight title;

# TWF Texas Heavyweight title;

# World Class Tag Team titles;

# NWA North American Heavyweight title;

# Kevin Von Erich was the first Adkisson boy to turn pro..

# May 11, 1987: Kevin von Erich collapsed in the middle of the ring during an eight-man bout;

# ~~~Kevin/The Fantastics/Bruiser Brody against Brian Adias/Black Bart/Al Madril/Al Perez..

# ~~~The Fantastics Tommy Rogers, seeing von Erich turning blue, administers cardiopulmonary resuscitation..

# Kevin von Erich is the only surviving member of the von Erich dynasty..

# Kevin von Erich credits his being married and thus having direction may have saved him from the same fate as his brothers..

# May 24, 2004: WWE has offered Kevin Von Erich $50,000 for the World Class video library, but the offer is considered low..

# January 29, 2005 - WrestleReunion: Kevin von Erich refereed an NWA title match between Jeff Jarrett and Tully Blanchard..

# 2005: Kevin von Erich's negotiations to sell the WCCW video library to Vince McMahon fell through and the deal was pulled..

# October 3, 2005 - WWE Homecoming: Kevin von Erich made a rare appearance sitting with a group of Legends in the front row..

# ~~~Later, Rob Conway interrupted a Legends Cememony, so the Legends fought back and von Erich performed the CLAW!

# January 20, 2006--Patriotic Pro Wrestling: Roddy Piper had a "Piper's Pit" with Kevin von Erich and his son, Ross ..

# ~~~The segment concluded when General Skandor Akbar shoved Ross and Kevin put the claw on General Akbar!!

# May 2006: Kevin von Erich finalized the deal to sell the World Class tape library to World Wrestling Entertainment..

# July 15, 2006 - SNME in Dallas: Kevin von Erich was introduced and he came out to the stage to wave to the fans..

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