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On Nov 14th' 1999 the devotees are celebrating 80th Birthday of Shri Shri 1008 Mahamandleshwar Peethadheesh (Jallandhar, Haridwar, Jaipur) Jagatpur Swami Mohan Das Maharaj Ji.

On this auspicious occasion Maharaj Ji will bless the public. There will be HAVAN at 8.30 AM in the morning followed by NAAMDAAN & KIRTAN at 9.30 AM till 11.00 AM.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served on this occasion.

Maharaj Ji is in Toronto and venue is LAMBARDO'S BANQUET HALL 7089 Torvram Road Mississauga.Contact. No - 905-677-8200, 905-677-4717

On 18th November Maharaj Ji is in Jallandhar and Birthday Celebration will be done there also.

For further information

Contact -

Sh. B.S. Kalia 416-740-5591

Sandeep Malhotra 403-229-9593

People of all religions and race are invited on this grand gala celebration of the century. This is one of the rare opportunities to have darshan of his DIVINE SWAMIJI.