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Schedules of All Advertising Activities

There are many different campaigns to show people what EDGE is really about and how it could help you.
There is the Advocate which is a local newspaper that is released every week which will advertise EDGE.
The Radio Stations of WDNE and WVAQ are our local stations in which they will give a message out to all the listerners.
                                 The Radio Message
All children have dreams, and most don't come true. But with EDGE, dreams CAN come true:: If your a senior in High School or even a Senior Citizen, it doesnt matter: You can finally get your Secondary Education Wish in just 2 years.So make sure you give a look at EDGE.
EDGE is also sending out flyers to all business and all residents in Tucker County. Sending out flyers get the readers eyes and attract their minds to EDGE.