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     Earn A Degree Graduate Early

Edge was established in 2001 to help students in adults each a degree in only 2 years.
Edge was created to help students earn free college credits, helping the students save money while in high school.
CTC credits in high school and grduate with associate degree 1 year after high school.
                          Everyone is welcome
Students: Participate in tech prep courses their go to their regular day so they can save on college tuition and textbook costs while in high school.
Parents: Awarness of students needs, also saves parents money..
Adults: Can take courses at college then take edge and get a degree in 2 years while earning other degrees. So by the time your done getting your degree in one subject you already have your degree in another.

You can find out more about Edge by visiting or calling:
1018 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Suite 700
Charleston, West Virgnia 25301-2827

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