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Schedules of All Advertising Activities

We are having many different promotions for EDGE. Please check out the Dates, and The Prizes.

We will be Selling and Raffling these items at our pep Rally's, Football games, Local grocery store. Make sure you check the date's.
Pep Rally for first football game: August 27, 2004
       Giveaway: T-shirts, hats, Keychains, License Plates, Window Decals...
Sponsoring= Cheerleaders
Half time show at football game: September 3, 2004
        Giveaway: T-shirts, Hats, Keychains, License plates, Window Decals
         Selling: Tickets for Rafting
                       Tickets for winning a DVD player
                       Tickets for winning a TV
                       Tickets to get into the next football game free
Sponsoring= Cheerleaders
Exhibit at the local grocery store: May 10, 2004
        Giveaway: T-shirts, Hats, Keychains, license plates, Window Decals
Sponsoring= Seniors from the Tucker County High School