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***Talisha And Amanda's Site***


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About Us

Were gonna tell you all about us so take a look and enjoy what you read!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you don't like what you read get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well lets see i will tell a lil bout myself just in case somebody looks at this that doesnt know me.........
      Ok well  i use to live in Bellefontaine,Ohio. I lived there for 17 years and i loved it alot. I do have a special person that lives there and everyone knows who that is. I can't wait for us to get together again which will be soon. Well i then moved to Tucker County, West Virginia  in October. It is nice here and very pretty place to live but now many things to do but hang out... I live on Blackman Flats with my family. I go to Tucker County High School where i will graduate on June 5th i can't wait. I have many friends here that i will miss very much. Well there isnt much more to say cuz right now this web-site is getting graded for class so i have to make is appropriate(Lol)..... Well thats it  

Im gonna put my senior picture here once i can scan some pictures......So just keep watching my web-site for more pictures and stuff.

A truck; Size=240 pixels wide

These are a few things that we enjoy!!!

Well we decided to let yall know the different things we like and dislike......

Favorite TV Show:Charmed
Favorite Movie: Crybaby, Save the Last Dance
Favorite Music: I love rap and country
Favorite Book: Any R.L. Stine books
Favorite Food:Salads
People I Most Admire:I will always luv Nicholas James Beair(No matter what). But i admire all my friends in Ohio and West Virginia.
Friends in Bellefontaine, Ohio: Calvin, Will, Jeremy, John, Sean, Chucky, Megan, Ashley, nick.... If i forgot someone im sorry
Friend at Tucker County, west Virginia: krista, Sarah, Kim, Shanna, Kendra, Alisha, Sabrina, Missy, Misty, Hilma, Ashley, My cousin Jess, her boyfriend paul, james, Shawna .P.,   all the guys and there is more.... If i forgot you im sorry...

Favorite Quotes

If you love something let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be, but if it doesnt then it wasnt meant to be......................................
My mommy told me that one...

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
-Henry David Thoreau