Revelation 5:5  And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.



~ As Shepherds Chapel is revising their doctrine, this site is being revised  accordingly ~

Greetings in Jesus name,

        When I was a new Christian trying, but not really understanding the Bible, I was very thankful to have found a Bible teacher like Pastor Arnold Murray of the Shepherds Chapel. My beliefs were molded, as many Shepherds Chapel students are, around Pastor Murray's teachings. 

         I continued faithfully as a Shepherds Chapel student for about five years and had studied most old & new testament books of the Bible with Pastor  Murray. For quick reference I added Pastor Murray's notes to the margins of E.W.Bullingers 'Companion Bible'.

        After a disabling auto crash, I found myself with several years to, as Pastor Murray so often says, "check him out in Gods word"!    I put what I had learned from Pastor Murray out of my mind as much as possible, with a conviction to study the Bible as it was actually written! ...reading what is, then comparing it to what I had been told was !

        During this period I came to question a wide range of Shepherds Chapel doctrine. I have attempted to present the ideas behind these differences in these pages.

        The following articles attempt to compare Shepherds Chapel's teachings to the Bible.  Do they line up?   

        I have tried to present as little edit /opinion as possible, no more than needed to make my points, saving my own opinion of Shepherds Chapel doctrine for summation. 

As I've always said... 

                           "Let those who read decide for themselves!"

"In blessings be blessed ",


            EIGHTH  DAY MAN ?


              SUBJECT of GENESIS 2        SATANIC RAPTURE ?

           GARDEN of EDEN

       NO RAPTURE?

            SONS of GOD                                 WHEN is the RAPTURE ?

            NOAH'S FLOOD


            NOAH'S SONS


            The 'KENITE'             

       UNITY, is it POSSIBLE ?    

            NWO or OWO ?        The 'LOST' TRIBES

            DANIEL and ROME                




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Added: Some of this material is in need of update, as I have continued to grow in the Word over the years, I have only updated this web-site minimally. The pages to be updated are marked as such at top.