Club Photo Album
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On this page we'll include pictures of events, people, and things that relate to our club.

Bike Virginia 2007

We all enjoyed our desert dipping it in chocolate! What a nice day and a great idea. Thanks so much Bob & Helen.


(L to R) Beth, Joseph, Keith & Sherry Heck


Eric & Fran Mayhew

Dave and Margie

Dave and Margie Nesler on the road.

Jeff & Rebecca Butcher

Jeff & Rebecca Butcher



Jim & Michele Cooper

Jim & Michele
Jim & Michele before the ride!

Bob & Lynn Adelman



Mark Daniels & Richard Roberts

Martinak State Park

Martinak State Park June 2001
13-1-2 =Martinak State Park Weekend
We started with a Bakers dozen. One decided to have a beach weekend and two more had to go home after spending the night due to an illness. After a restful night at Martinak State Park we had an early wake up call with all of the natural settings (birds). We were on the road by 8:00 for an ideal ride of 75 miles to St. Michaels with tailwinds.
On Sunday we departed at 9:00 for breakfast in Greensboro and lunch in Ridgely.
Everyone was in agreement that this would be an annual event!

Brian & Sungmin

Brian & Sungmin after a cruise into Newark.

A break at McDonalds!

3 toucans in Nova Scotia.gif

Bob & Helen, Dave & Margie
Norm & Denise lost in Nova Scotia