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Irish Cycling Results And News

April 1999

News Flashes

Wednesday, April 28th--- I'm apologising again for the lateness of results, but this time it's not my fault. My monitor has packed in. Anyways. Here is what I missed out on.
Brian Kenneally won the Naas Festival Race on Monday ahead of Michael Fitzgerald and Ciaran Power. B. Ahern won the Dickie Comerford Memorial on Tuesday night. Also, during the weekend, Morgan Fox won a race in Belgium, in which Dermot Finnegan came sixth. Geraldine Gill chalked up another victory in the GP Ardel in Brittany, France. And finally, the Leinster Team for the Tour of Ulster has been named.
It is : Karl Donnelly, Dermot Finnegan, Paddy Moriarty and Bill Moore.

Naas Festival Race
1. B. Kenneally Carrick-Cidona 1:03:31
2. M. Fitzgerald unattached "
3. C. Power Comeragh CC "
4. P. Griffin Dan Morrissey's "
5. A. Crowley TSB-Midleton "
6. K. Bannon Bray "
B J. Fenlon Dan Morrissey's
J G. Stapleton Usher IRC

Dickie Comerford Memorial
1. B. Ahern Orwell Wheelers
2. P. Egan Cycleways
3. D. McVeigh Dan Morrissey's
4. C. Bracken Usher IRC
5. R. Blaney Ards CC
V S. Lally McNally-Swords
L L. Manning unattached

Sunday, April 25th--- Today saw the John Hammond Memorial won by Philip Cassidy, the Thomas Sheehan Memorial won by Brian Kenneally, and the Kelly/Roche Juniors/Vets Classic won by G. Stapleton.

Noel Hammond Memorial
1. P. Cassidy Navan-Avonmore 3:31:53
2. M. Scanlon Rabobank "
3. D. Finnegan Navan-Avonmore @ 1:10
4. K. Donnelly Dan Morrissey "
5. C. Bracken Usher IRC "
6. C. McMahon O'Maras-Limerick @ 2:25

Kelly/Roche Junior Classic
1. G. Stapleton Ushers IRC
2. A. O'Carroll Bray
3. T. Lavery Finglas Ravens
4. O. McQuaid Emerald
5. D. Foley Sligo CC
6. D. Farrell Hillcrest
L. L. Manning unattached

Thomas Sheehan Memorial
1. Brian Kenneally Carrick-Cidona
2. Ciaran Power Comeragh CC
3. Eddie O'Donoghue Carrick-Cidona
4. Michéal Fitzgerald unattached
5. John McCarthy Killorglin CU
6. J. Blackwell Killorglin CU
V Sean McElroy Carrick-Cidona
U-16 Barry Meade Kanturk CU
U-14 B. Woods Killorglin CU
U-12 G. Tourrain Blackwater
1. Willie Curtin Kanturk CU
2. Denis Lynch Kanturk CU
3. S. Lacy Tralee
4. Jonathon Kelly Thermo King CC
5. P. Ahern Duhallow Whls
6. S. O'Sullivan Kanturk CU

Saturday, April 24th--- Today saw the John Beggs Memorial for Senior 1s and Senior 2s, and also the Sean McGreevey Memorial for Juniors, Vets and Ladies. D. McVeigh won the John Beggs Memorial, while B. Holmes won the Sean McGreevy Memorial.

John Beggs Memorial
1. D. McVeigh Dan Morrissey 2:59:29
2. D. Easton Maryland Whls @ 0:08
3. R. Blaney Ards CC @ 0:24
4. K. Donnelly Dan Morrissey "
5. J. Grant Banbridge CC @ 1:27
6. J. McConnell King's Moss "

Sean McGreevy Memorial
1. B. Holmes Slane Cycles 2:13:54
2. A. Cranston East Antrim "
3. E. Crory Newry Whls "
J. R. Aiken Banbridge CC
U-16 T. Wright Orchard Whls

Friday, April 23rd--- As I said, the teams for the Rás, the Prutour and the Lincoln Grand Prix have been selected by National Team Director, Richie Beatty. The teams are as follows:
Lincoln GP
- Mark Scanlon
- Ciaran Power
- Michael Fitzgerald
- Mike McNena
- Tommy Evans
- Ray Clarke
FBD Milk Rás
- Tommy Evans
- Ray Clarke
- Eugene Moriarty
- Aidan Duff
- Paddy Moriarty
- Ciaran Power
- Michael Fitzgerald
- Mike McNena
- Les McKay
- Padraig Quinn

This weekend is yet another busy one, cycling wise. The races scheduled are:

Day: Event: Distance: Location:
Saturday John Beggs Memorial - S1,S2 120km Dromore
" Sean McGreevy Memorial RR - J,V,L 80km Dromore
Sunday Noel Hammond Memorial - S1,S2 120km Ballyboughal
" Kelly/Roche Junior Classic - J,V,L 100km Ballyboghal
" Thomas Sheehan - S1,S2 120km Carrick-on-Suir
" Thomas Sheehan - J,V,L 80km Carrick-on-Suir
Monday Naas Festival Race - S1,S2,J,V,L 50km Town Hall, Naas

Wednesday, April 21st--- I have got here the latest UCI standings. Surprisingly enough, there is no change whatsoever. Once again, we are behind the likes of Guatemala, Belarus and Morocco. We, Ireland, are still in need of many more UCI points to qualify for the Olympics and hopefully some of these could come from the Prutour, and the Lincoln Grand Prix. Details of these and other races abroad with Irish riders can be got in The Irish Abroad Section.

1 Michele Bartoli 2'827.00
965 Raymond Clarke 15.00
1183 David Mc'Cann 9.00
1239 Ian Chivers 8.00
1239 Scott Hamilton 8.00
1302 Patrick Moriarty 7.00
1360 Conor Henry 6.00
1416 Morgan Fox 5.00
1416 Jamie Hunter 5.00
1540 Paul Healion 4.00
1540 Ciaran Power 4.00
1540 Neil Taggart 4.00
1625 David O'Loughlin 3.00
1666 Aidan Duff 2.00
1666 John Grant 2.00
1727 Ian Proctor 1.00

Sunday, April 18th--- Again, sorry about the delay in getting results up, but I'm unusually busy these past few weeks. Hopefully by next week, everything will be back to normal. Here are the weekend's results, including the Whitechurch GP.


Brendan Carroll Memorial
1. Colm Bracken - Usher IRC
2. Simon Whelan - McNally Joinery
3. Bill Moore - Stamullen
4. Ciaran Power - Comeragh CC
5. Derek Finnegan - Navan-Avonmore
6. Paul Slane - Slane Cycles
B Derek Finnegan - Navan-Avonmore
J Gavin Stapleton - Usher IRC
V Michael Usher - Usher IRC
L Lorraine Manning - unattahed

Cookstown Spring Classic
1. B. Stewart Phoenix
2. K. Sloan Ards CC
3. S. Thompson Maryland Wheelers
4. N. Campbell unattched
5. A. Easton Maryland Wheelers
6. J. Grant Banbridge


Stamullen GP
1. M. Fitzgerald unattached
2. E. O'Donoghue Carrick-Cidona
3. P. Cassidy Navan-Avonmore
4. D. Easton Maryland Wheelers
5. P. Moriarty Les Jeunes
6. B. Kenneally Carrick-Cidona
B S. Byrne Dublin Wheelers
J D. Lynch Kanturk CU
V O. Mc'Quaid McQuaid Cycles
L L. Manning unattached
U-16 P. O'Brien Kanturk CU
U-14 E. Daly Kanturk CU
U-12 S. Rock McNally-Swords

Whitechurch GP
1. C. McMahon O'Meara's-Limerick
2. T. Hogan Dungarvan CU
3. J. Mannix Killarney CC
4. J. McCarthy Killorglin CU
5. R. Cahill Banteer CC
6. N. Forde Thermo King CC
J. S. Lacey Tralee
V. S. McElroy Carrick-Cidona
U-16 M. Concannon Killorglin CU
U-14 B. Woods Killorglin CU
U-12 W. Whyte Blackwater CC

Saturday, April 17th--- As I said, the Irish team has pulled out of the Ruban Grantier, and has instead placed a team in the Rás and is continuing with the Prutour team. However, certain riders, including 1998 Rás winner Ciaran Power, have hinted that they'd rather ride the Rás than the Prutour, as they won't have racing in their legs without the Ruban Grantier. Pity, because with the Clarks Contractors team set to dominate the next few upcoming events, including the Tour of Ulster, we could see a very weak Irish team ride the Prutour.
This weekend sees several good races, with Stamullen hosting a full weekend of racing. Firstly, today, there is the Brendan Carroll Memorial, followed on Sunday by the Stamullen GP on Sunday. Today's other race is the Cookstown Spring Classic in Co. Tyrone. Sunday's other races are the Whitechurch GP in Co. Cork, and the Lakeland Grand Prix at Three Way Inn. Just a reminder also, that the Ballinrobe GP scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed.

Sunday, April 11th--- This weekend's races included the Christy McManus Memorial, the Cicli Sports Handicap GP, the Beggan Trophy, the Castlereagh Grand Prix and the Kelly Pharmacy Dungarvan GP. Results are below.


Christy McManus Memorial
1. David Lane UCD
2. Ger Madden Obelisk Wheelers
3. Paddy Ennis Bell Orwell
4. Frank O'Leary Usher IRC
5. Derek Finnegan Navan
6. Shane Connaughton Cycleways
J Andrew O'Carroll Bray
V Thomas Lavery Garda

Cicli Sports Gp Handicap
1. B. O'Brien Clarke Contractors
2. M. Foley Sligo CC
3. E. Crory Newry Wheelers
4. B. Holmes Slane Cycles
5. N. Campbell unattached
6. C. Lynch McNally-Swords


Beggan Trophy
1. P. Cassidy Navan IRC 2:49:36
2. C. Bracken Usher IRC @ 1:29
3. C. Lynch McNally Swords "
4. B. Moore Stamullen "
5. S. Baker Usher IRC "
6. P. Moriarty Les Jeunes "
J A. O'Carroll Bray Whls
Senior B
1. J. Fenlon Dan Morrissey
2. D. Smith Cahill-Naas
3. C. Sweetman Stamullen
1. S. O'Meara Dublin Wheelers
2. L. Manning unattached
3. M. O'Reilly Bohermeen

Castlereagh GP
1. P. Kiddis Dave Kane
1. N. Hamilton North Down
1. D. McCaul Maryland Wheelers
1. N. Campbell unattached
1. S. McCreery Clann Eireann
1. N. Summers Northern CC

Kelly Pharmacy GP
1. P. Marrey Western Lakes CC 1:28:21
2. W. Curtin Kanturk CU @ 0:18
3. D. Woods Usher IRC @ 0:21
4. D. Lynch Kanturk CU @ 0:42
5. B. Cullen Comeragh CC @ 1:01
6. S. McElroy Blackwater CC @ 1:07
U-12 G. Turrain Blackwater
U-14 E. Corcoran Killorglin CC
U-16 Paidí O'Brien Kanturk CU

Wednesday, April 7th--- News filtered through yesterday of anger in the ICF with the Minister for Sports and Tourism, Dr. Jim McDaid. The annual grant from the Sports Council has been halved, which is very bad news for cycling in Ireland. The method of grant allocation does not favour cycling at all, as it goes on international results. As we all know, the Irish do not get international results. It is a shame to see the almost bare minimum grant that cycling has received, when you see the amount of money being wasted on sports such as rugby in Ireland. Where are the international results there ?
Pat Mc'Quaid openly criticised McDaid about his attitude to cycling. "Our internal budget has been cut by over 50 per cent". He went on to cite the case of the Irish winner of the World Junior title last year: "Mark Scanlon has received nothing yet, although we believe he will get 3,600. The others on the team who helped him win the world title won't get anything. To put things in perspective, the four British riders in the same race will get 18,000."

Monday, April 5th--- Yesterday, Mike McNena was in action for his French club, and he finished 9th in the 168km long "Grand Prix Puy Ricard". The race was won by 1997 U-23 World Champion, Thor Horsved. Apparently, it was McNena who first blew the bunch asunder when he attacked on the first big climb.

Easter Weekend (April 2nd-5th)--- This weekend sees both the Gorey 3-Day and Rás Mumhan. It also sees the Tour of the North and the coming of the Easter Bunny. Below are some of the results. I have not been able to get most of the Tour of the North results, but as soon as I get them, they will be up.
Stage 3 of Rás Mumhan saw a controversial finish, when team-mates Brian Kenneally and Ciaran Power (Carrick-Cidona), who both formed the leading group, crossed the line holding hands. While Kenneally clearly crossed the line in first place, it was still bad form by both riders, as it is unfair to the sponsors and the spectators. Also, Ciaran Power and Philip Cassidy were both fined 10 seconds for pacing after puncturing.

Rás Mumhan
Stage 1 --- Nenagh-Adare (60 miles)
1. Aidan Duff Dan Morrissey 2:25:28
2. P. Cassidy Leinster "
3. Stephen O'Sullivan Leinster "
4. Colm Bracken Leinster @ 50 secs
5. David Peelo Usher IRC "
6. R. Mitchell Dan Morrissey "
Stage 2 --- Adare-Kenmare
1. Ciaran Power Carrick-Cidona 3:23:16
2. Aidan Duff Dan Morrissey @ 18 sec
3. Brian Quinn O'Mara's Limerick "
4. Patrick Moriarty Les Jeunes @ 50 secs
5. Shane Baker Usher IRC "
6. Eugene Moriarty Listowel CC "
Stage 3 --- Kenmare-Mitchelstown
1. Brian Kenneally Carrick-Cidona 3:11:43
2. Ciaran Power Carrick-Cidona "
3. John Mc'Carthy Killorglin CU @ 1:37
4. Brian Quinn O'Meara's "
5. Patrick Moriarty Les Jeunes "
6. Eddie O'Donoghue Carrick-Cidona @ 1:44
Stage 4 --- Mitchelstown-Thurles
1. Brian Kenneally Carrick-Cidona 2:22:14
2. Paul Healion Usher IRC @ 14 secs
3. Eugene Moriarty Listowel CC @ 15 secs
4. Ciaran Power Carrick-Cidona @ 1:22
5. Brian Quinn O'Mara's "
6. Eddie O'Donoghue Leinster "
Final G.C.
1. Stephen O'Sullivan Leinster 11:25:52
2. Ciaran Power Carrick-Cidona @ 11 secs
3. Aidan Duff Dan Morrissey @ 31 sec
4. Philip Cassidy Leinster @ 43 sec
5. Eugene Moriarty Listowel CC @ 56 secs
6. Patrick Moriarty Les Jeunes @ 1:05

Tour of the North
Stage 1 --- 4 mile TT
1. Tommy Evans Maryland Wheelers 9:26
2. Stephen Gallagher UCF U-23 9:41
3. Ray Clarke Clarke Nissan 9:44
4. Niall Walker Scotland 9:47
5. Tommy Profit VC Beal 9:49
6. Ross Blaney Ards CC 9:54
Stage 2
1. Michael Fitzgerald Clarke-Nissan 2:57:44
2. Ross Blaney Ards CC "
3. P. Mullogan Omagh CC "
4. P. Kiddis UCF U-23 @ 50 secs
5. Ray Clarke Clarks-Nissan "
6. M. Hamilton Toyato North "
Stage 5
1. Tommy Evans Clarks-Nissan 3:02:34
2. Ray Clarke Clarks-Nissan @ 36 secs
3. B. Graham Maryland Wheelers "
4. R. Webb VC Deal @ 44 secs
5. Michael Fitzgerald Clarks-Nissan "
6. Ross Blaney Ards CC "
Stage 6
1. Michael Fitzgerald Clarks-Nissan 2:58:33
2. Ray Clarke Clarks-Nissan "
3. Ross Blaney Ards CC "
4. D. Clarke East Midlands "
5. D. Easton Maryland Wheelers "
6. K. Sloane Ards CC "
Final Overall G.C.
1. Tommy Evans Clarks-Nissan 11:24:42
2. Ray Clarke Clarks-Nissan @ 25 sec
3. Tommy Profitt VC Deal @ 1:58
4. P. Foley British Fire Services @ 3:02
5. D. Easton Maryland Wheelers @ 3:46
6. R. Sharman East Midlands @ 3:50

Gorey 3-Day
Stage 1
1. Willie Curtin Kanturk CU ??
2. Padraig Marrey Connaught same time
3. Sean Connaughton Leinster CF "
Stage 2 - 4 Mile TT
1. R. Fletcher Isle of Man 8:09
2. C. White Northern 8:14.45
3. G. Cranston Northern 8:14.88
4. D. Finnegan Leinster CF 8:15.56
5. D. Woods Usher IRC 8:19.45
6. D. Lynch Kanturk CU 8:22.06
Stage 3 - 60 miles
1. J. Peppard McNally Swords 2:35:00
2. T. McConville Apollo "
3. D. Finnegan Leinster CF "
4. S. McElroy Cyprus @ 3:30
5. T. Paxton Isle of Man "
6. P. Marrey Connaught "
Stage 4 - 60 miles
1. P. Marrey Connacht CF 2:10:41
2. G. Cranston Northern @ 3 secs
3. S. McElroy Cyprus CC "
4. G. Miley St. Tiernan's @ 6 secs
5. D. Smith Cahills "
6. P. Reid Finglas Ravens "
Final Overall G.C.
1. D. Finnegan Leinster CF 7:32:43
2. S. McElroy Cyprus @ 20 secs
3. T. McConville Apollo @ 30 secs
4. P. Marrey Connaught CF @ 35 secs
5. T. Paxton Isle of Man @ 37 secs
6. J. Peppard McNally-Swords @ 41 secs

Mark Scanlon, Junior World Champion, was in action last weekend. He finished nineteenth in a bunch sprint in the Ronde van Midden-Brabant. He is in action again this weekend, and also in a short stage race, after which he will return to Ireland for a rest. He may race in the Tour of Ulster.

Saturday, April 3rd--- I have here the latest UCI rankings. Once again Ireland is out the back, scrambling to get in the slipstream of the likes of Belarus, Morocco, and even Guatemala. According to the official UCI Classification, we now have 79 points. On adding them up myself, I find we have 83. I don't know am I wrong, but I dinnae think so. A slight improvement, but not enough as of yet for Syndey.
As for the individuals, once again, there is no improvement, although Ciaran Power is now included in the rankings.

1 Michele Bartoli 2'905.00
949 Raymond Clarke 15.00
1163 David Mc'Cann 9.00
1216 Ian Chivers 8.00
1216 Scott Hamilton 8.00
1276 Patrick Moriarty 7.00
1327 Conor Henry 6.00
1380 Morgan Fox 5.00
1380 Jamie Hunter 5.00
1502 Paul Healion 4.00
1502 Ciaran Power 4.00
1502 Neil Taggart 4.00
1591 David O'Loughlin 3.00
1635 Aidan Duff 2.00
1635 John Grant 2.00
1699 Ian Proctor 1.00

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