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The RZA - Also Known As:

Prince Rakeem
Bobby Steels
Bobby Digital
The Abbot

Real Name: Robert Diggs

Biography: The RZA is quite literally the most important person in Wu-Tang, in fact, he's one of the most important people in Hip-Hop altogether, this is because not only is he a rapper, but he's also the head producer and leader of operations for the group, and the Wu-Tang Record label, Razor Sharp Records. He was born in Brooklyn, but he was shipped off to live with an uncle in Murfreesboro, North Carolina when he was 3, his uncle died when RZA was 4 and he was shipped back to Brooklyn where he hooked up with his cousins, Ol' Dirty & The GZA. The RZA, The Genius/GZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard had the deepest roots in the clan, in the early 80's they were part of a group called 'All In Together Now', very little is known about the group, and no material has surfaced from them, but according to other Wu members, if this group had of surfaced in Hip-Hop at that time, they would have been the greatest group of all time, following this misterious venture, The RZA, at this time known as Prince Rakeem secured a record deal with Tommy Boy, and released his first EP 'Ooh We Love You Rakeem' this turned out to be a great embarrasment for The RZA, but in the few songs that were made with the EP, The RZA's distinctive style was starting to be recognised. After The RZA and his cousin The Genius recovered from these bad deals, they went back to basement, got their friends together and formed The Wu-Tang Clan. With their fantastic promo tapes they secured a comfortable deal which gave the Wu the required flexibility to do their own thing, a record with Loud Records, 'Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers'. The RZA also formed Gravediggaz with Too Poetic, Frukwan and Prince Paul. The Gravediggaz album contains appearances by Biz Markie, MC Serch, Kurious George, Vernon Reid, Killah Priest and Master Ace. RZA had a hand in album by Wu-FAM member Shyheim The Rugged Child. Has produced tracks for Tricky, Cypress Hill, Shaquille O’Neal, Notorious B.I.G. and remixes for Supercat and SWV. Made the solo single 'Wu-Wear' with Cappadonna and Method Man, it features the Wu-Tang's clothing line. The RZA released another solo single featuring The Truths called 'Tragedy', produced by True Master.

Interesting Facts:

The RZA, The Genius/GZA & The Ol' Dirty Bastard are cousins.
There is a manicure shop in Staten Island next to the Wu-Wear store called 'Wu-Nails'. The store is run by RZA's sister Sophia.
RZA was one of 10 children living in such poverty, that he tells it, his mother never had a bank account until he had made sufficient money to provide for and support her.
The RZA is a vegatarian, this he what he said about it, - "I do have a healthy diet, I eat fish and vegetables. I ain't with eating meat and chicken. What the f* does it look like me eating chicken to the bone, fuck that. What the f* does it look like me eating a dead bird, f* that. An ox is strong as a motherf*cker and all he eats is grass."

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