For those of you that don't know, Highlander is a wonderful film that was released in 1986 in the UK and starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. It has spawned 3 big-screen sequels, that are unfortunately not so wonderful, and a TV series, starring Adrian Paul, which finished in 1998 after running for six seasons and is much closer to the spirit of the first film.

If you've not seen the *original* film, Shame On You! Go and find a copy and watch it NOW, for the scenery if nothing else. It's still up there in my top five films of all time.

The basic Premise behind the Highlander Universe is that Immortals exist, unknown to the majority of the planet, in our world. They can be killed, but only by decapitation, and many of them hunt others down just to kill them, in a process that has become known as 'The Game'. To learn more about Highlander, both the films and TV series, pay a visit to the Official Highlander site. There's all sorts of stuff here, including the online Highlander Merchandise Catalogue.

If you have ever been interested in finding out about the actual locations in Scotland that were used in the Highlander films and TV series then go to the Interactive Map to find out more.

Interactive Map

Everyone has their favourite episodes. This page tells you which ones are mine, with my (brief) reasons why.

Over the years there have been some great lines in Highlander. For my favourites please go to my quotes page.

I had the good fortune to attend Chronicles '98, the first Highlander convention in the UK, which took place in Manchester. For *my* view of events go to my Chronicles '98 page.

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