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I love Ron Silver. Have been a fan for years. Think he's a wonderful, very under-rated actor and I admire him personally. Wish he'd lose weight and play more good guys.

judy lawrence

It is about time that somebody created a site on the WWW for Ron Silver. He's done quite a bit on tv, in films and politically.

David Botticelli

Nice page. I've loved Ron Silver as a villain for years. It's good to know his range extends far beyond that. Have you tried contacting him? Keep up the good work!

Terry Christian

Barbara. Thanks for the excellent page. Ron Silver is my favorite actor, but it is hard to find out too much about him; thanks for the input. I didn't realize, besides looking like him when he was on Rhoda, that we also both majored in Spanish at school. I have collected autographed pictures of influential people in my life (not for resale), and my favorite actor is missing. Let me know if you know how I can write to him. Thanks.
P.S. If you happen to read this Mr. Silver, No creo que este gordo, solamente satisfecho, pero sin duda sigue guapo.

Lance Williamson

Barbara sez: I agree with you Lance, he's not fat, but "satisfied," and is not hard on the eye. Spanish was also my major, before psychology. So...anyone care to leave a comment in Chinese...? If you do, I hope you'll forgive me if I fail to translate it. (smile)
thanks for such an insightful web page, I've always been a fan of Ron Silver since I first noticed his spellbinding appearance on WiseGuy back in the 80's!

kim g

Most of the time we view a film for the plot, then there are those few times when an actor overshadows everything around him. That is a gift and is one that Ron Silver has. I think he is absolutely brilliant and is also very easy on the eyes.

Linda Charnin

Chigago Hope has not been the same since Ron Silver vacated the role of Tommy Wilmet. I think that the fans of Mr. Silver should e-mail CBS and try to get him brought back. The show is lacking something, and I KNOW that it is Ron Silver. His character added a certain drama to the program. He was a character that you were not certain if you loved or hated him. He interacted well with all the chacaters. There was a definate spark between him and Christine Lahti. Silver made up for the absence of Mandy Patinkin. Now that they are both gone, the show sucks. I would appreciate it if you would post the jist of my message on your web page. Hopefully, the visitors to the page are as pist as I am about the subject and will help me try to bring Ron back to the show


I agree the show just isn't as interesting now -- but others will see what you've written here, and be able to act further on it if they wish.
Thanks! I am also a huge fan of Ron Silver. It was great to read some back ground info on him. I hope to see him alot more on the big screen.

Marci AlKathiry

Wow, Marci -- this is the first e-mail I've seen from Oman. Thanks for writing.
Do you know if Ron lived in Miami, Fla. during the summer of 1968? I had just moved there with my parents and was only 17 and met this guy who I've always thought looked a lot like Ron. I knew this guy was a "want to be actor and was really cute". He lived with two other guys who I think were going to the U of Miami, I think they were from Mass. or NY.
If it was Ron, all I can say is that he was nice, quite and very good looking. So for my own peace of mind, I'd really like to know if it was him! Can you help?
The apartments were on 67th Ave. (Ludlum, between Coral Way and 8th Street)..Ron, if it was you and you read this, I was the one who pushed you in the pool when you were fully dressed...sorry!

M. Davis

you are handsome!


I enjoy your work very much, but didn't realize how long you have been in the business. Enjoyed your page and keep up the good work.

Barbara Robertson [Not the Barbara Robertson who set this site up]

Linda C. summed it up perfectly: ". . . there are those few times when an actor overshadows everything around him. That is a gift and is one that Ron Silver has. I think he is absolutely brilliant and is also very easy on the eyes." I think "Enemies: A Love Story" is one of the best movies I've ever seen, but I'll even sit through Deadly Outbreak or Danger Zone to see Ron Silver. Like Barbara, I also value his intelligence and his political and social activism. I love this page. Before I found it, I was familiar with Mr. Silver's acting only through his roles in movies. I had no idea that he had done so much work on television--I'm kicking myself for missing Chicago Hope and Wiseguy. Thank you, Barbara, for all the work you do keeping us updated on his appearances; I'm hoping to be able to see his work on these two shows in syndication.

Gloria D.

Mr. Silver has impressed me as an actor, but I was particularly impressed by his intellect when he appeared on "Politically Incorrect."

Laurie A. Butler

Barbara I really enjoyed your page, it was very interesting and informative, I found it cruising through the web ring, I loved Ron Silver as Tommy Wilmette on CH was really sorry when he left the series, great page keep up the good work


I am a Bill Maher Fan and got your link from the alt.tv.pol-incorrect news group.
You have a great web site.

Steven Palmer

Thank you for this page. I stared at Ron Silver a whole night last night in a restaurant. Oh my just to see him again. I'll be back in that restaurant on 4/23/98. Who knows!


Just wanted to say thanks for the website. I am a hotel concierge and find it very useful to access such sites to help me familiarize myself with actors who are registered at my hotel.(It helps me look a little more familiar with their work)

Rees Erwin

hi barbara:

i was surprised and pleased to find a page dedicated to this talented and complex actor. i've enjoyed Ron Silver's work since he was on Rhoda and i miss his combative feistiness on Chicago Hope now. i recently saw an interview with him about a film (i think) he was making up here in Canada -- animal related but can't remember what it was about exactly. anyway, keep up the insightful work!



Barbara, great job. I plan to join TCC because of your effort here in promoting them online....thanks. bill

Bill Schulte

Greeting from UB

Frances L. Wilson

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