blackbird hairy woodpecker mourning dove black-capped chickadee house finch robin cardinal buejay brown thrasher white breasted nuthatch indigo bunting orchard oriole ruby-throated hummingbird white-throated sparrow hairy woodpecker chickadee
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Our Feathered Friends

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hanging feeding station finches and cardinal

Our Feathered Friends in WildBird Magazine.
backyard bird collage
     Lots of birds build their nests around here and bring their babies to our large shady yard to catch worms and crickets. Robins, cardinals, bluejays, tufted titmice, chickadees, several varieties of woodpeckers, brown thrashers, flycatchers, mockingbirds, house finches, American gold finches, sparrows and wrens are common. Ruby-throated hummingbirds frequent the feeders in late summer. Some years we see indigo buntings or cedar waxwings.
Take the bird test. Some answers are on this page.
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Loading...bluejay image
ABlue bird
BBlue thrasher
CBlue jay
DIndigo bunting
1. This conspicuously-crested, handsome, noisy bird is known for raucous voice and wide variety of calls, cries, and screams.
2. Can you ID the two redbirds
pictured separately here?
This one is a little tricky!
ATanager, cardinal
BFinch, blackwing redbird
CRed jay, vermilion flycatcher
DCardinal, house finch
3. The ____ is a member of the family Mimidae, or mimic thrushes.
ABrown bunting
BBrown thrasher
CMeadow lark
DFox sparrow
Brown thrasher
white breasted nuthatch
ACarolina wren
BWhite breasted nuthatch
DTufted titmouse
4. The _____ climbs down tree trunks head first, gathering insects and insect eggs from crevices and under the bark. He also likes the feeder.
5. The _____ is common in hedgerows and wood margins, perching on wires during nesting season. One year, a male sang in the top of a dead tree as his mate tended her nest in the canes.
ABlue bird
BBlue thrasher
CBlue jay
DIndigo bunting
Rare visitor to the feeder-indigo bunting
mystery woodpecker?
ALadder back
BRed headed
6. The slow, rhythmic hammering of the _____ woodpecker may be mistaken for the sound of a man chopping down a tree.
7. Seldom far from dense cover,
this _____ frequents the cane thicket in our back yard.
AWhite-throated sparrow
BCommon snipe
CWhite crowned sparrow
white throated sparrow
8. Two birds can be heard in the sound file. What are they?
Expert users will get this.
CDove,blue jay
Hear our birds singing!
(Open file now to hear it now)

Can you identify them?
"What's this?"
Beep! Beep! Coyote's after you!! 9. One or two of these ground-dwelling cuckoos will visit occasionally. This ______ was searching the shrubbery for cicadas. He was too quick and elusive to get a good shot. They also eat snakes, lizards, scorpions, spiders, crickets, small birds and mammals.
ALizard kingbird
BEastern magpie
CBrown thrasher
This was taken through the front door window.
10. The state bird of the
Natural State (Arkansas) is:
AWhite-throated crow
BBlack-winged redbird
COzark sparrow
State bird of Arkansas
Did you answer all ten questions?
ladderback woodpecker mother and child Red bellied

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Mother wren on nest
Mother wren nesting in the shed.
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