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Tools of the Trade

This page is in process. There's not much here yet. All of the tools posted are those that I use myself. My browser is IE 4.01.
Coming soon-- games to download !
The programs in this table are zip files and they are FREE. All should be unzipped to folder
C:\Program files\Software by Design.
Screen Loupe Screen Loupe32 allows you magnify the view but even better, it allows you to read colors in html-rgb format,which is handy for color matching. It also has horizontal and vertical rulers.
Download Loupe32
RGB RGB32 allows you to easily mix colors, copy in html format to paste in your webpages for anything that uses bgcolor.
Download RGB
Password Keeper Password Keeper is one of the handiest tools I own. Easy to set up and use. Now where is that paper I wrote that password on?
Download Passkeep
Fontshow Fontshow allows you to easily view all of your true-type fonts.
Download Fontshow
Toolbar Toolbar lets you place all your favorite executable programs in one easy-to-setup location.
Download Toolbar
These tools are programmed by Greg Braun. Visit his site, Software Design -Free, for more neat stuff and updates.

More freeware and shareware
MapThis! MapThis! is a free image mapping tool. I used it and Hypersnap to make the image map on the Alma page.(An image map is any image that has more than one clickable area on it, doesn't have to be an actual map, per se. Use it to make site menus, etc.)
Download MapThis!
Gradient Color Gradient Color will blend 2 colors of text and compile the html for you.
Download Gradient Color
Arachnophilia Arachnophilia is a great free homepage editor. HTML made simple. Also analyzes your site online.
Go to Homepage
Hypersnap is a screen capture program. It's the first shareware program that I registered. I still use it often.
Go to Homepage
moonstation is the place to download another great shareware program, Multimedia Xplorer. Views and converts many graphic formats, plays movies and sound files. Also downloadable is a very handy little freeware program called Copy URL.
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Menulet is neat little JAVA scriptlet active menu bar. See my old one on this page.
Download Menulet
Zygraphics Zyris - Web graphics is really a neat place to create cool graphics using their robot. I used it to make the banner on my Backyard page and the rotating Airedale banner on the Alma page. Go to Zyrus
Tip:Automatically insert a subject in your email link. After the address add a ?subject=Hello.( will place "Hello" in the Subject line when someone clicks on your email link. Use subject words of your choice.

Here's a couple of easy web page templates:ONE, :TWO. Copy the Source, if you want to use it.
Calendar Table Template

Tip: You can use bgcolor and images in a marquee and also make it a clickable link! (Netscape users may get an error code!)

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