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I love Nitzke

Steve's all set to get his drivers license until it's discovered that his Aunt Pam cost Mr Nitzke his military career. It looks like Steve won't get his license after all, unless Pam is nice to Nitzke, which she isn't willing to do. Steve naturally turns to Marty for help, who turns to Heady. But Heady says he can't make Pam and Mr Nitzke like each other, that's cupid's job. Not a clever thing to say. This gives Marty an idea and he steals cupid's arrows when he's on the potty. It might not have been so bad if he hadn't hit Judy and Katie before he got Aunt Pam. So, Steve's Mom, Aunt and little sister all have the hots for Mr Nitzke, that can't be good......

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