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Ginger Johnson

Uniondale,NY. July 19th 1975 matinee show. There was several excellent concerts during the July '75 tour (in my view much better than the May-June 1975 tour) and the two performed at the Nassau Coliseum are among them.


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Ginger Johnson


This concert was released on the double LP set "America's Own" and later transferred on the CD medium but unfortunately that wasn't too good because it was lifted directly from the original vinyls outing. There were many many highlights during that show and until I hear differently,the very best version of the Gospel medley "Bosom Of Abraham/You Better Run" was done at this concert, "Trying To Get To You" is certainly among the best I have ever heard as well, overall these two performances are in the same category that the New Year Eve's show in Pittsburg,PA.


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Steve Toli


Elvis is wearing the "Dark Blue Aztec suit" which was brand new for this tour and wore for the very first time at the July 15th  show in Springfield,Connecticut a few days earlier. During that tour Elvis was wearing the chocker designed for that jumpsuit with every other jumpsuits and an example of this can be seen on page 1975-11 (two photos at bottom).

The "Dark Blue Aztec suit" was also used a few times in 1976,in St-Louis,MO. while closing the March 1976 tour and equally at the closing show of the following tour in Spokane,WA. The very same jumpsuit was also wore by Elvis at the May 1976 gig in Lake Tahoe.

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