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December 2nd 1975 opening show.That Vegas season is certainly among my favorites as Elvis was in great spirits throughout the whole engagement and had certainly recovered since August of the last year.The opening show was an excellent one and that also featured a rare post-1972 version of " You've Lost That Loving Feeling " and a full version of " Early Morning Rain " done early in the show and not as part of an introduction of the band.(Note: The jumpsuit above is known as the " V-Neck ")

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Dec.13th 1975 d.s.                                       Dec.13th 1975 m.s.                                  Dec.13th 1975 m.s.

Judy Palmer

One of these two performances is pretty well known ( Dec.13th midnight show ) as the complete show was released on the CD " Just Pretend ". Early in the show Elvis was given a yellow fireman's hard hat with a rotating red light and a big pair of sunglasses with working windshield wipers ( see the photo above at right ), he then proceeded to sing " Love Me ", the strange noise heard on the CD while performing that song is simply related to that.

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Dec. 14th 1975                                             Dec. 15th 1975 closing                                Dec. 15th 1975 clos.


All the jumpsuits on that page were brand new for that season except for both suits worn on December 13th in the middle of this page. The " White Prehistoric Bird " was first worn on December 14th and I never seen any photos of his light blue counterpart from that engagement. On the photo in the middle Elvis is wearing a big medallion, well he rarely wore that medallion, was he thinking 1957 before using it ?

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Judy Palmer

A little girl gave him a huge Snoopy dog during the closing show


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