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William Denkins of Anson Co., NC
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of Anson County, North Carolina

12 Feb 1738 - Prince Frederick Parish, SC
William Dinkins m. Sarah Tompkins
22 May 1741 - Bladen County, NC
Grant - William Denkins, 640 acres in Bladen County on the SW side of the Pee Dee River, joining Thomas Tomkins and the river.
8 Aug 1747 - Anson County, NC
Deed - Thomas Tomkins, planter, and Mary "his wife Spinster" of Bladen County to Matthew Creed of Craven County, SC, carpenter, for 100 of SC (money), 200 acres, half of a 400 acres grant to said Tomkins, 2 May 1741, on Pee Dee, adj. William Denkins lands.
Signed: Thomas Tomkins, Mary (X) Tomkins
Wit: Francis Awbrey, John Loyd, William Denkins.
(Plat included in Deed)
25 Mar 1749 - Anson County, NC
Deed - Thomas Tomkins of "Hanson" County, planter, for 300 money of SC to William Forbes of same, planter, 200 acres on South side of Pee Dee between William Dinkins and John Williams, granted to Tomkins 22 Mar 1741.
Signed: Thomas Tomkins, Mary (X) Tomkins
Wit: Patrick Sheals, Frances (f) Chappel
1750 Anson County, NC
Deed - William Denkins of Anson, planter, to John Tomkins of same, planter, 240 acres of land on SW side of Pee Dee, part of 640 acre grant to said Denkins 22 May 1741.
Wit: Thomas Tomkins, John Jenkins, James (X) Babore
17 Jan 1780 Anson County, NC
Deed - Stephen Tomkins and his mother, Mary, of Anson County, Province of NC to William Peagues of Craven County, SC for 24000 SC money...240 acres on SW side of Pee Dee River, part of 640 acres granted to William Denkins by Gov. Johnson, adj. John Wright.
Signed: Stephen Tomkins, Mary (X) Tomkins.
Wit: Claudius Peagues Jr., B. Hicks.
Proved 2 Feb 1784
Bladen County and later, Anson County, North Carolina, bordered on Prince Frederick Parish and Craven County in the Cheraws District, South Carolina. The boundary line between North Carolina and South Carolina was in dispute and was not settled until a new boundary was surveyed in 1764 and in 1772. Part of Anson County, North Carolina fell in South Carolina.
Bladen County was formed in 1734 from New Hanover County
Source: A family history of the Tompkins and Keas of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia and other related lines, by 
Louise Tomkins Wynn,
Pages 5-7