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Hi and Welcome

to my experiments in CrazyQuilting!

Here are the photo of my first machine made dress using CrazyQuilting techniques. If you would like a larger photo to view please click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the larger version. You may also click on either of the bodice sections to get to a larger section. These are both larger files and may take a few moments to appear. Thank you very much for your patience while waiting for them.

 Here are some closeups of the machine CrazyQuilted work. Made with blue cotton with white stitching of assorted designs I then added white  and gold seed beads as well as pearls to accent the stitching work.

A Crazy Block inspired by a Secret Pal gift.

This is a block I made using my Secret Pals gift of a gorgeous piece of linen with an embroidered "D" and some Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE) that she did. I used some blackwashed hunter green and some black washed midnight blue taffeta as well as some ivory satin and black velvet. This picture does not do the block justice. Please check back at a later date to see if the photos have been developed and uploaded. Also being this block is 18 inches and I scanned it, there are pieced marks where I did not attached the scans together so well. Still learning in the scanning department too. I will post photos of this beautiful block as I work on it... work of art in the making!


My first block in the Beginner's Round Robin Group#6

to see it larger click on the block, please, the jpg is 22.3 K and the page also shows closer photos of the the block as well.


This is Bonnie my 7 year old super model. I love to create things and she loves to model them. A winning combination don't you agree?  Here she is modeling her 1st CQ vest (I plan on making more) it is a western theme for Western Day at school and I used cottons in tan and dusty blue as well as a block from Wal_mart usually used for making pillows. The back of the vest is a picture of two horses while the border runs across the two fronts. For a larger view of this picture and different sections please click on the photo. File sizes of the photos run over 100 KB so it might take a couple of moments. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for visiting my CQ page.

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