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Welcome to Wee Tyme Creations®

This is my Barbie page. Here I hope you will find interesting tips about dressing Barbie as well as some neat links to visit. My name is DeeDee Revia and I am the owner and founder of Wee Tyme Creations®, named as such because of the lack of time I have with a busy family and artistic endeavors.

I have included some do it yourself projects that I hope you can use. I will add more as I get them.

Check out Bonnie's house thus far. Pictures are supposed to be worth a 1000 words but I guess with me and the  poloraid two or three will have to do! LOL Enjoy and I will update soon.

Hot spots we think you will like!

Bonnie's Barbie House

Printable Projects

Links to others pages

Some of my sewing creations

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