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The Seeds of Civilization

The seemingly boundless waters of the Great Flood covered
most of the earth for many months, and destroyed all the things
that gave people the illusion of greatness. But as in each
previous destruction, not all of the people were destroyed.
Some were saved to be the seed for the next time of the Seal People.

Many cultures have legends of families who escaped the rising
waters by building boats as their continents sank. One of the
more famous of these was Noah and his family, who are said to have
come to land on Mount Ararat, in Eastern Turkey. From there the slopes
lead down to the Syrian Desert and the Arabian Peninsula.
His descendants became the Priest-Kings of the desert tribes.
They rose to a position of prominence with the guidance of Mosiah, or Moses
who initiated the laws and religious practices of the Age of Aries.
This Age of the Ram described God as The Good Shepherd.
This lineage reached a climax during the reigns of David and Solomon.

Another descendant of this tribe was Jeshua ben Josef, or Jesus,
He showed the Way into the the Piscean Age, the Age of the Fish.
The first ones to follow in his footsteps were fishermen.
The analogy of their priestly calling was to become "Fishers of Men".
Thus the Judeo-Christian legend of the Great Flood has been preserved.

Other great religious teachers also arose from these descendents of the desert tribes. At the beginning of the 7th Century CE the prophet Muhammed received a series of revelations which became the basis for the teachings of Islam. Over the many centuries since, Moslems have grown in numbers to become one of the leading religions of the world.

In the 19th Century another great teacher named Bahauallah arose
in the Islamic dominated desert region. This new religion, called the Ba'hai Faith has rapidly grown in membership over the past century, based on the concept of seeking knowledge of all religions.

Another documented survivor of the Flood was Khasistra,
the King of Sumeria. He is called Xisuthros in Greek legends.
His priesthood had heard the murmurings deep in the
breast of the Mother Earth, and listened to her voice.
At the King's bidding, they buried his vast library
of clay tablets in the sealed vaults that had been
constructed within the catacombs below the ancient temples
at Sippara, the City of the Sun. This city is also known
as Shurippak, located along the Euphrates River.

Khasistra hired the skilled craftsmen of Sumeria to build
a huge ship to carry his family, servants, priests and friends.
They also brought many varieties of animals and grains, along with
their treasury of gold, silver, gems and furniture.
When the Flood waters finally began to subside, the ship
came to land at Mount Nizir,in the Gordyan Range of Armenia.
His descendants later returned to Babylonia,
dug up the library of their legendary past,
and restored the ancient greatness of their culture and civilization.
The clay tablets later became a part of the
Library of Ashurbanipal. One of these books
was the journals of the Priest-King, Khasisatra,
who had caused the clay tablets to be preserved.

This book, called "The Gilamesh,
describes the great earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
and waterspouts as the Great Deluge began.
He also describes the earth shifting in it's orbit
as "the stars appeared to lower in the north,
and change their course."

The Greek legends tell of their ancient ancestors,
Deucalion, and his wife, Pyrrha, who loaded a ship
with many wild and domestic animals,
and came to land atop Mt. Parnasus.

Silurian Welch legends tell of Dwyvan and Dwyvach,
who escaped the flood in a naked vessel
that came to rest at Albion (Britain).

The Sicilians record the legend of Dardanus, who
escaped the floodwaters by fleeing to the mountains.

The Cherokees (Tsa-la-gi-ya) are the
descendants of an ancient people they called "Ani Wiaki".
Anthropologists refer to these ancestors as "The Mound Builders".
Their legends tell of origins in a place far to the east,
in a place now covered by water,
called Pahn, the Red Land..
They were warned by the Earth Mother that at the end of
their "Golden Age", when the Sun left the stars of Aquarius,
they would need to begin life anew in a new world that would
be prepared for them. They were already a seafaring
people, so when the waters rose, they stayed in their ships
until they came to land at a place that had formerly been
a shallow ocean until the land shifted during the Great Flood.
A few of the small, distant islands to the west of Pahn
had now been raised up as great mountain ranges in a New World.
Thus they called this new land Turtle Island .

Many other great civilizations have preserved a similar
tribute to this ancient homeland in the Atlantic.
The mighty cultures of Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, Crete,
Mayapan (Yucatan), Queshua (Peru), Inca, and Tula (Mexico)
all share a similarity of architecture and religion.
Even their languages have many words of a common origin.
They all may be descendants of the once-proud civilization
that Plato has given the now infamous name of Atlantis.

Throughout the world there can be found legends
of many other people who escaped the terrible flood
by clinging to floating wreckage or building rafts,
riding out the raging, endless waters to find a new home.
Thus they become the ancestors of all the people
who live in the world today.

As the Flood waters receded, the Children of the Celestial World
began the Fourth Cycle of the Seventh Race of the People.
Some people of the other six races had evolved and
adapted to the many changes of the Earth's Cycles of Time.
And the seeds of their survival had also been distributed
throughout the earth to places selected for them by the
winds and waters of the Father's Great Plan.

Then began the great countdown of the Ages
that has carried us into this Aquarian Age --
The Age of Knowledge -- The Information Age.
We now have a vast Web of Communication
making it possible for all People of all the paths of Life
to have access to all the great libraries of the world.
We can all share our own personal knowledge and ideas
with anyone else who cares to visit our contribution
to the great electronic Network of Information
that is a growing tribute to the knowledge of Humankind.

We -- You and me, the other
people who have visited this corner of Cyberthought,
and the millions of others whose ideas and words occupy
the URL Billboards along the Information Superhighway,
are determining the future of our Civilization.
We have only just begun the first leg of our journey
into the Golden Age of Knowledge, the Age of Aquarius.

Where are we going? How did we get here?
What is the Age of Aquarius, anyway?

Turn the page and learn the Secrets of the Ages.

Wisdom Through the Ages