Blog Personal Training.

You can be among the first to take advantage of having a personal trainer on your computer. The training and setting up your fitness program will be done through E mail and your own Blog.

I will set up your own Blog (a personal diary) so you can keep a log of all your training sessions and questions. This will allow me to monitor your program and keep you accountable after each workout entry.

F.I.T.'s Blog Personal Training is like no other in which you will receive the personal attention as if I'm there with you, not like most online services which would only give you a standard workout.

For reference, here is my personal Workout Blog

The One Month Program for only $100.

1. A Specific Exercise program for your fitness level (weight training/cardio)

2. Goal Specific Meal Plan along with weekly adjustment to keep your progress moving forward

3. Personal Workout Blog

4. Supplements (The good & bad)

5. All of your workout entries and questions will be answered within 24 hours!

Three Month Program, for only $250.

1. Same as the One Month Package, plus!

2. Multiple Workout Programs.

3. Meal Plan Adjustments

4. Savings of $50.

Are you ready to join F.I.T.'s Blog Training?
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or send your check or money order to:
Joe Franco
968 Ramsay Rd.
Warminster, PA. 18974

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