I Was Zac Hanson's Best Friend

"One of the best Hanson stories on the net!" -Hansonluva44

"It's amazing, I get so into it, I feel like I'm a part of the story. Zac and Sam are so cute!" -Heath

"Well-worth the read, you've got some real talent." -TZ4180

The Chapters

Chapter 1: Laser Quest:
Chapter 2: Celebrations:
Chapter 3: The Band, and the Music:
Chapter 4: The Signing:
Chapter 5: Middle Of Nowhere:
Chapter 6: Taylor's Surprise:
Chapter 7: What Now?:
Chapter 8: Thinking Of Zac:
Chapter 9: The Dance:
Chapter 10: I'll Be Waving As You Fly Away:
Chapter 11: Joe:
Chapter 12: New Changes, New Me:
Chapter 13: Back With Me:
Chapter 14: Bright Walls and New Doors:
Chapter 15: I Was Zac Hanson's Best Friend:

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