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God sent us a baby, to show us His Love, He was born in a manger, on Bethlehem’s’ hills, We wanted a King, a Messiah and Lord, He sent us a baby, to save the entire world.

Time passed and he grew with love and with grace, He grew up in stature, as He took His place, He knew of the mission, God had planned for all time, But He waited in patience, for the very right time.

He faced the Sanhedrin, the scholars so they say, They took Him to Pilate, the price He must pay, Pilate washed his hands and released Barabas that day The crowd hollered “Crucify Him” - He’ll only be King for a day!

The thunder and lightning struck at the hour of three, Jesus gave up His body and now He was free, He saved all of mankind, from a doom worse than death He arose on a Sunday, for He had conquered death!

Now He’s up with the Father, Holy Spirit “Three in one”, The task that He started is finished and done, He now awaits our coming, our salvation is won, Let us not disappoint Him - For our crown He has won.

A small little baby accomplished this task, Let us not forget it! Even though time has passed, A Babe in a manger, became “King for a day”, But He reigns now in Splendor - A KING FOR ALWAYS!
...Author Barb Francis [1/8/94]

Table of Contents

General Info
Religious Beliefs
Family history
Index of Names
Web camera
Judeo-Christian Views
Ten Commandments
Making Choices
The Rapture
The Approaching Holocaust
Last Day
U.S. Constitution
The Baby King
Family Genealogy [Requires password]