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The Root Beer Boycotters/Iced tea Worshippers Association

Are you a Relationshipper? Do you adore The Conversation In The Car? Then this association is for you!
What's New On this Page 11/30/98

**Lots of new Mirror Music stuff!**

***Featured Site of the Week at XFU!***

Why is this page black?  Well, recently FOX decided it
would be a good idea to shut down the Treehouse Multimedia
Archive.  To show our mourning, I have turned the RBB/ITWA
black until...I dunno.  Let's all say a prayer for the
Treehouse.  Of course, we got really ANGRY as well as being
sad, so to show that Claybie and I have formed the FOX Lawyers Task Force
Now back to your regularly scheduled intro.

This page is a club for all Relationshippers-that is,
fans of the X-Files who would *LOVE* to see a romance
between Mulder and Scully.  This club came about after I,
Jaina, first saw the episode "Tooms", which included
a *very* `shippy conversation between our two favorite G-People:
	***Mulder:***I even made my parents 
		     call me `Mulder.'  It's Mulder.
	***Scully:***Mulder, I wouldn't put myself 
		     on the line for anybody but you.
	***Mulder:***...If there's an iced tea in 
		        that bag, could be love.
	***Scully:***Must be fate, Mulder.
			Root beer.
There, you see?  Iced Tea (or, as I like to call it, USTea) 
is the drink of love, symbolizing the true feelings between
the intrepid agents.  Root beer is an evil drink intent on
destroying their true love!  It's probably in league with
Cancer Man!  So, this association was created to support
the love for iced tea that Relationshippers have.
If you would like to join our esteemed  ranks,
all right!  This page is growing and we now have a guestbook,
a Missions page, and a still-in-infancy fanfic archive!
Everything new will be marked with a *.
So c'mon, join already!

Iced Tea Stuff `n' Page Contents

Our Members
Those Crazy Shippers Who've Joined the Association
Jaina's Spooky Disclaimer
Visit the `Net's longest disclaimer! (Hey, a girl can dream...) I had a lot of fun writing this. Normal types need not visit.
Missions of the RBB/ITWA
The goals of the Association
Completed Missions
Fulfilled missions of the RBB/ITWA
Members' Fanfiction
Fanfiction by members of the RBB/ITWA-There's hmm, one piece here right now? SEND ME FIC, SHIPPY MEMBERS!
Recognition for outstanding service to the RBB/ITWA.
Mirror Music
Songs that reflect certain episodes. NEWS FLASH! Now run by Lauda, this page will be updated more often. She's a goddess, folx.
Sister Site
The MSRISMA is the sister site to the RBB/ITWA. Go there! It's wonderful!
CITC International
Rather romantic translations of the CITC...and *very* humorous translations back to English! Inspired by the XFR mailing list!

Down for now since the list isn't very long...I'm compiling a new one and as soon as it's done I'll add it.
The Guestbook of the RBB/ITWA!
Sign the guestbook! It'll make ya world famous! OK, maybe not, but sign it anyways!
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To join the RBB/ITWA, e-mail me & include
Who you are (real name, and/or member name)
Why you wanna join
Any ideas you have, And your e-mail and/or homepage

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