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May 2008:


At this writing, May 18, 2008, the 10th anniversary of 
Frank Sinatra's passing on May 14, 1998 was honored 
with a U.S. postage stamp, released May 13, 2008.

Now Phil--who satirized Sinatra on SNL--won't be getting 
any such tribute.  Yet, on several sites, people are remembering 
the tenth anniversary of Phil Hartman's death.

May 29, 2008 marks the tenth anniversary of my visiting the Internet 
for the first time.  Yes, I got onto the Internet because I wanted 
to learn more about Hartman's murder, what people were saying.  
I remember how I gasped when I saw the headline on the 
New York Daily News that Friday:


I think that was the wording!

Anyway, I hope to update this page with some 10th anniversary tributes!

BTW, I've cleaned the message board of unwanted ads, so start posting again!


May 2004:

On April 12, 2004, nearly six years after his death, A&E Biography
ran an episode about Phil Hartman as part of its "SNL Curse" week.  
Read A&E's brief profile of Hartman here.

The episode doesn't seem to be on sale yet, but keep checking!


May 2003:

Dear Phil, 

It's now five years since you died, and nearly four years
since, partly inspired by you, I applied to graduate school.
May 28 marks your fifth anniversary in heaven (we hope), 
and May 29 is my graduation ceremony at Queens College.
(Officially, I earned my MA in English-Creative Writing in February.)

Although there's no biography of you yet, 
there are figurines of your Simpsons characters, 
and the recent release of your CD, Flat TV.

I will pray for your family, and I ask you 
to pray for me that God will provide me with 
an excellent outlet for this degree I've earned.  
(A good income would be nice, too!)
Meanwhile, I've built up websites for two live comedians, 
Bill Maher and Dennis Miller.  You've known them, 
and I believe they can each use your prayers, too.
Especially Miller.

Thanks for your inspiration.



February 2003:
Thursday, February 20, 2003, 9-10pm ET
Interview with John Hartmann

**Phil Hartman's brilliant comedy career came to an abrupt end
when his wife shot him to death before taking her own life. 
Five years later, many still wonder why this tragedy occurred. 
John Hartman talks with Larry in his first primetime interview 
since his brother was killed.**

Search here for transcript

Get ready to scream, Phil fans!

Just in time for Christmas 2002:

a collection of Phil's comedic routines from some 25 years ago



It has happened, it has happened! Hartmanites, rejoice!

New for 2002--Playmates, makers of Simpsons figurines,
has made one of Phil Hartman as 
Troy McClure!

Lionel Hutz and Lyle Lanley will follow soon!

To all who signed the petition below, and to Playmates--thank you!

May 28, 2002

Or rather, the end of Year Four and the beginning of Year Five.

I've read that a person can be nominated for sainthood
in the Roman Catholic church five years after death.
Which means Phil could, in theory, be nominated in a year.

Whaddaya think?  Things that might be in his favor:

--he seems to believe in God and Jesus.  He prayed the 
Lord's Prayer before each SNL show, and led the 
NewsRadio team in prayer before tapings.  
I read that when his father died, a month before he did, 
he specifically honored the Catholic faith, 
according to one Catholic magazine. 
--he has a record of doing nice, encouraging, inspirational
things for people, and of protecting those in trouble.
--unlike many actors, he was not a prima donna in his work.
He seemed to handle his job with skill and humility.

Things against:

--he wasn't a priest or nun.  Fortunately, Pope John Paul II
has been focusing on getting a wider variety of people, 
including lay people, canonized.
--he was an actor and comedian.  Except Saint Genesius, 
I can't think of a single actor or comedian who's been canonized.
--he was married three times, divorced twice.
--some of his roles fly in the face of "propriety" 
(think Susan the She-Male), and he did use some choice words
in some movies, though he was probably just following the script.
--his spirituality may have been informed by nontraditional, 
non-Western sources, as well as traditional Christianity.

Maybe I should make up a poll about this...

Well, those of us who love Phil and think he's in heaven
can "canonize" him in our hearts.

January 2002:
The History Channel aired
"20th Century with Mike Wallace: Celebrity Killings"
focusing on news coverage of murders of the rich and famous.
Hartman is included, as are John Lennon, Sharon Tate,
Tupak Shakur, and others.

Your webmistress (that's me) has created on
Phil Hartman, and Not Just on Video
A "Listmania" list of some books, recordings, and yes, videos, 
associated with Phil.
(When, oh when, will they publish his biography?)

Doris Hartmann, 81, mother of Phil,
died in her sleep April 15, 2001.  
Hartmania extends its condolences to her family and friends.

Do we want Hartman figurines?
Of course we do!  (We do, don't we?)

Sign a Petition On Line 
to make Simpsons figurines of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure,
characters Phil voiced on the show.

BTW, any ideas on what we can do to get the powers-that-be 
to write a biographical book about Phil, too?

a poem written Spring 2001 *** CLICK HERE TO TAKE HARTMANIA! POLL! THE PHIL HARTMAN MEMORIAL AWARD established by his brother John Hartman $2,500 to one of six finalists from the comedy program at Humber College, Toronto was awarded July 13, 2000 in Brantford, Ontario (Phil's hometown) judges include SNL producer Lorne Michaels Click here for article (note: article has expired, but can be traced and purchased) Click here for another article We creative artists saw the murder of one of our own--Phil Hartman-- on May 28, 1998. And being creative artists, we responded with art. We wrote poems, stories, recollections, even jokes, and we put them onto the Internet. The purpose of this site is to provide a central location through which to find the art we created to honor and remember this man. Here I will create links to those sites which have such memorial works. If you want to submit a site or work of your own, look below. "I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." John 12:24 This page was begun December 23, 1998. ADDRESS! ADDRESS! ADDRESS! Nancy Hartmann, Phil's sister, has graciously provided an address for us to send our letters, cards, and so forth. E-mail address, too. (Thank you, Nancy!) Nancy Hartmann P.O. Box 390498 Anza, CA 92539 Write away!

Who was Phil Hartman?

Celebsite: Phil Hartman: Profile with pic, statistics, background, agent's address, and links to news stories and sites.
Phil Hartman: man of 1,000 voices and faces : My favorite Phil site, started shortly before his death. With news, message board, and more.
The Phil Hartman Tribute: Jordan's site, linking to interviews, news stories, etc.
The Phil Hartman Show!: Brian's pre-mortem fanpage, since updated, of course. With photos, audio, links, character and credit lists.
All Phil Hartman, All The Time: By darkday28. A map-like page to Phil's movies and TV shows; great graphics. "Darkday" created the Ultimate Phil Hartman webring! (And I thought I was obsessed!)
Phil Hartman (1948-1998): A smaller site, mainly links to articles, with photo gallery and SNL character list.
The Troy McClure Pretty-Much-Everything Site: The washed-up actor of The Simpsons (voiced by Phil); "pretty-much-everything"!
Lionel Hutz Services (Free Legal Advice Page): Let The Simpsons' legal beagle help you! Another Phil-voiced character; links to Hartman tribute and another Hutz site.
My Tribute to Phil Hartman: Erin's tribute, with poetry, links, sounds, chat room, pix, character list, message board. (Erin's message board is HOT!)
Everyone Needs a Hobby: The Tim Burton Site with a Sense of Humor: In Memory of Phil Hartman: By Emile, because Phil co-wrote Burton's film, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Address to one of Phil's charities, Heal The Bay.
Phil Hartman's Memorial Site: By Ido of Israel: tombstone graphic, bio, pix, links, filmography, and survey. Under construction.
E! On Line: Phil Hartman fact sheet: credit list; links to bio, stories.
The Ultimate Phil Hartman Tribute: Leads to tape trading board, merchandise, fan art page, image and sound galleries, articles, etc. Part of the Webring.
The Heart Man: Tribute to Phil Hartman (Planet Izzy): Izzy of the Netherlands has 2 pix, stats, credits, and links.
Laughing at Phil! (aka cavemanlawyer's home page): Voice clips of Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, Lyle Lanley, and SNL characters and voiceovers; with photos and bios. By Brian.
IMDb: Phil Hartman: Bio and filmography; links to awards, ratings, titles for sale.
IMDb: Brynn Hartman: Of course, Brynn's filmography is considerably shorter than Phil's...
Fallen Clowns: Links to pages about Belushi, Candy, Farley, Hartman, Kaufman, and Kinison.
Dead Comedians Society: Remembering the funnymen and women who've gone on before us, Hartman included, of course.
Jan Hooks Remembers Hartman : By TV columnist David Bianculli; comedienne Hooks' touching memories of Phil. I first read this in the New York Daily News in early June.
We Remember Phil Hartman: a tribute with links to his shows and a "song". By WillNascar Productions.
Lyle Lanley's Monorail Service: another one of them Phil Hartman "Simpsons" characters!
Haunted Hearts: Dyani's picturesque site includes Phil's graphic arts works (album covers), her poetry, speculation on "that night", survey, and astrological comments.
Forever Phil Hartman: a tribute straight from the heart: Jamie's sight includes a gallery of Phil fans (submit your pic), message board, and a link to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.
Phil Hartman: A new tribute by Amy, under construction.
Emmy Winner Remembers Phil Hartman: News article: David Hyde Pierce wins Emmy over Phil, and praises the late actor. From Associated Press, via Los Angeles Times.
You Don't Know Dick: Andy Dick, that is. The NewsRadio star talks about life after Phil, among other topics. By Harriette Surovell.
Death of Phil Hartman--How It WON'T Be Analyzed: By Philip W. Cook. Fear of overlooking domestic violence towards men. From MenWeb.
Phil Hartman's Death Reminds Us That Men are Victims of Domestic Violence, Too; Abuse/Incest Report: News article presented by MiningCo. The title speaks for itself.
TV-Now: Phil Hartman TV schedule.: Where to catch Phil on the tube this month.
Gist TV: The Consummate Comedian: Tribute to Phil, with readers' tributes (including Al Franken's) on the side. Click icon on bottom for more Hartman features.
The Late, but ALWAYS Great, Phil Hartman!: Simply his photo.
Corbis Picture Experience: Phil Hartmann, Graphic Designer: Photos of Phil circa 1975-80, during his album cover designing days. Some pix feature other celebrites. (This was before he dropped the second "n" in Hartmann.)
NewsRadio Quote of the Week: Phil Hartman on Politically Incorrect, Part 2: Phil's relevant, wise quote about the Internet.
NewsRadio Quote of the Week: Phil Hartman on Politically Incorrect, Part 1: Here, Phil gets silly.
Phil Hartman with Dave Koz, saxophonist (right): Recording the Christmas album, "December Makes Me Feel This Way"; Phil recites a beatnik "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on the CD version (NOT on the tape!).
Norman Bryn: Saturday Night Live: Phil Hartman as...: Norman Bryn, film and TV makeup artist, helps Phil work his mimicry magic.
Saint Genesius: Nothing directly to do with Phil: Genesius is the legendary patron saint of comedians and actors.
Saint Vitus: Another legendary patron saint of comedians.
History Channel: Celebrity Killings: January 2002: "20th Century with Mike Wallace: Celebrity Killings": media coverage of Hartman, Lennon, Mineo, Shakur, Sharon Tate, et al.

Our Tributes to Phil: Creative Works and More

mnl, Queens, NY: my homepage, with a small tribute and poem to Phil.
MNL's Thought Waves!: my essay about Phil, plus other essays, letters, and Bible studies.
Erin: Poems By Me!: Erin has Phil's pic and a poem to him.
The Leaders; connects to short story "Back in Time": Dan's Leader stories series; click on link to "Back in Time" for his tribute in fiction.
Dead Celebrities Society: Phil Hartman Jokes: Oh-oh! Can you stomach it? If you're not offended by postmortem humor, click here. (I contributed some of these!)
A Phil Hartman Tribute: "Phil gave me my fifteen minutes of fame": a true story by Christine. With photos, and Hartman's autograph.
The Phil Hartman Shrine: A candlelit tribute to Phil.
In Memory of Phil Hartman, 1948-1998: Shing's candlelit shrine, with a personal essay.
Guestbook for Jokes of the Dead: Guestbook of the troubled (defunct?) Jokes of the Dead; includes my summertime entries, before I got my website and before the Dead Celebrities Society included my work. Caution: not for everyone.
A Tribute To Phil Hartman: poem by Teri Jo; links to her poetry page.
Fan art of a Phil Hartman tribute: I think this is the beginning of a gallery; click on pic to magnify.
Saturday Night Live drawing: Todd's artful tribute to John, Gilda, Chris, and Phil.
What Really Happened to Phil Hartman?: Sardonic speculation on why Phil really bought it. Caution: I don't think this guy loves Phil as much as most of us do. By "dandydon".
30th o' May: Bryan's essay about Phil's passing.
Phil Hartman: Legend (aka A Tribute to Phil Hartman): Reflections on Phil's "Zelig-like" talent. By Erik (aka Rudy).
The Canadian Song: a tribute to Canada's famous people.
Phil Hartman--Master Comedian: Although I can't condone the practice of astrology (see Deuteronomy 18:9-13), I can condone personality profiles. I'd ignore the planets & stars and see the speculation on Phil's psyche.
Homage to Hartman: a heartfelt essay with pix, by Katie.
YAHOO FAN CLUB: Phil Hartman Tribute: with membership list, message board, links, photos, calendar. Created by M.M. Goodsoup.
HARTMANIA!: FROM OUR HEARTS...: a sequel page for submitted works, found works, and "lost" works. Under construction.
Death Don't Walk Here: Phil Hartman Tribute: Angela's poetic tribute. (Yes, I found it!--through a search engine.)
The Bone Orchard: Obits and Pieces: One-liners about dearly departed celebrities, 1995-1998.
For Phil: the thoughts of those left behind...: darkday 28's page of fans' submitted poems, mine included.
Heartened (Video): A lighthearted video view of Phil's love life; by Terri. She says you can download Realplayer G2 for free at to watch the video.
A Goodbye Video: Terri's complied video tribute to Phil. She said you can download Realplayer G2 for free at to watch the video.
A Goodbye Video: the 2nd link to Terri's tribute video.
Natural Predators of Man: a poem. Trust me, just click it on! From Laff.
Rest In Peace, Brynn Hartman: a sardonic "thank you" to Phil's wife for sparing us an OJ-style media circus. By Princess Natalie. (My comment: they filmed a TV-movie called "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald". So...)
A Murdered Celebrity...: a Phil-related prayer request at Loving Grace Ministries. (Okay, I did it!)
Comedy and Spirituality: A brief discussion at the Loving Grace Ministries archive.
Comedy and Spirituality...round 2: a little more of the same.
New York Daily News: Remembering Phil: My letter about Phil, published Wed May 26, 1999. Click on, and scan down the page.
Phil Hartman Virtual Memorial Garden: By ComedyNet. Leave your memories! (originally posted for the May 28 1999 weekend.)
An Open Letter to Phil Hartman: By Dan, written May 15, 1999.
Things I Have to do Before I Die: Dan's list, inspired by "something that happened in 1998 that really s**ked".
NewsRadio: Stumpy Loves McMeal, aka MY CHAIR!: an imagined NewsRadio script guest-starring Jan Hooks; by MM Goodsoup, age 15.
NewsRadio: Stumpy Loves McMeal, aka MY CHAIR! (continued): the conclusion of MM Goodsoup's TV script.
Rant o Rama: Charlton Heston killed Phil Hartman: another wild "theory" on why Phil bought it. Follow link to homepage to discussion for readers' responses.
Rant o Rama: Fan Mail: A selection of responses to past Rants, including "CH killed PH". (Caution: bad language alert!)
Hartmania: An Afterlife Fantasy: I wrote the first draft of this skit June 1998. With Brynn, Phil, John Lennon, Linda McCartney, Bill Kinkel, Frank Sinatra, the archangel Gabriel, Pope John Paul II, et al.
NewsTrekio: with special guest star William Shatner: another NewsRadio fantasy script, this time by Lisa. (that's three scripts so far, folks!)
Life and Death: My Views: Lisa's list of dearly departed celebrities, and her essay.
We Love You Phil Hartman!: Lisa's brief poetic essay to Phil, with pic.
FindADeath: Details on celebrity deaths: search for Phil's listing.
Canoe: Jam!: Columns: Happy Ever After in Hollywood: by Liz Braun, Toronto Sun, June 16, 1998: NRA prez Charlton Heston shoots off about Phil's death.
Phil Hartman Comedy Gala Celebration, July 13, 2000: Internet ad for celebration and comedy award in honor of Phil, created by his brother John. Presented at the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, Brantford, Ontario, Canada.
Phil Hartman, and Not Just on Video: "Listmania" list, created by me.

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