Hi and welcome to the roleplaying section of my site. Here are links to some of the best RPG pages on the internet and reviews of some of the more recent games and supplements that have come out in the past few months.


Also hints and tips for making your games more fun, easier on games masters, and spicing things up are to be found here.


A long time ago, a very good friend of mine came home to England following a six month holiday in America. I was very pleased to see him again, and we soon were in the process of catching up on the latest gossip and he eagerly told me of life in the States. It was while he was informing me of his vacation, that Mike told me about a game he had been playing almost every night for the past four months, with his cousin. He told me how they spent their time playing this game until late in the morning and how great it was. I listened to him with an open mind and soon found myself intrigued by Mike’s conversation and found myself wishing that I could play this wondrous game.


Well as it turned out, Mike had brought a couple of copies of the game home with him and very soon{that night in fact} I was immersed in the exciting world of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. Well in a nut shell that’s how I got started in the role-playing hobby, way back in 1978. It took a little while for the hobby to break here in the UK, but soon we found like minded people who where interested in joining us for a regular games sessions and we formed our first club. Now I am almost thirty four years old, married, and have three lovely children of my own. In the past twenty years or so I have seen a lot of games come and go and company’s rise from obscurity and fall back on the wayside and disappear without a trace. Gaming is one of my real passions in life, and I love the look on the face of a party of gamers when I pull something completely out of the blue and surprise them. I feel that I am very lucky in the fact that my imagination is vivid and that I can normally make up adventures on the spot and they turn out well and everyone gets enjoyment from them.


And that is how I started off in the roleplaying hobby, it’s a question I get asked a lot so I thought I would write it down here as a sort of intro. I am also a very keen wargamer (check out my wargames/tabletop section.) and when I can I like to combine the two together.





Pinnacle Entertainment. Creators of the award winning Deadlands the Weird West. Check out the reviews of the latest products for this highly entertaining game.


Chameleon Eclectic Creators of the Babylon Project, the roleplaying system based around the hit television series Babylon 5. Also Makers of Millennium's End a game of high intrigue and espionage.



Last Unicorn

Last Unicorn have acquired one of the most sort after licences of all time: Star Trek! Over the next few years you can expect to see roleplaying games based on Star Trek The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager as well as the original series. Also Last Unicorn plan to release a huge range of support for the Trek line, including miniatures, supplements for the game and even a Live Roleplaying version of the system, which is bound to go down a storm at Trek Conventions. Here at Gamers Web we plan to bring you as much information on this excellent line as possible and to kick things off here is the very first offing and boy from first impressions are we in for some fun!

Star Trek The Next Generation Roleplaying Game.

An in-depth look at this first Star Trek game from Last Unicorn!

Narrators Toolkit. The first addition to the excellent new Star Trek the Next Generation roleplaying system and an invaluable tool for games masters no mater what game they play. Highly recommended.  



Two Hearts beat as one. A love story (!) for the Star Trek TNG rpg! Love, lust, deceit, and betrayal! A simple investigation drives the crew of a Federation Starship against each other and may just bring down the mighty organisation itself.

Conspiracy Theorem A routine away mission for the crew signals danger when one of them is framed for a murder they didn't commit. And then the Romulans arrive! An adventure for the excellent new TNG rpg from Last Unicorn!



 White Wolf.

Creators of some of the best roleplaying systems in the history of the hobby. Including the excellent Vampire the Masquerade



 TSR. The company that started the whole ball rolling with their multi award winning Dungeons and Dragons system! Now under new management things look great for TSR with the release of Alternity the excellent new science fiction roleplaying system.


Chronopia in AD&D. Uncle Peter brings us the first of his conversions for his Chronopia campaign setting for AD&D. This month a look at the Devout.





Is Roleplaying Dead? A very apt question. Has the development of the collectable card game killed off the time honoured roleplaying system? Did the arrival of home computers drive the final nail in the coffin of the hobby?


So I married a Gamer! What is it like to be married to a compulsive gamer? And just who would be mad enough to try such a thing.


To Calm the Savage Beast. Using music to set both mood and pace in your roleplaying adventures.


Gaming with Children. Many gamers find it very difficult to relate to the younger and less experienced gamers among our ranks and wont take the time to play with them, just dismissing them as to young to understand. A question that has been debated for as long as the hobby as been around. Just how young is too young to start gaming? Mark Walters takes a look as both a father and a gamer.


Power Behind the Throne. An old adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, given a lick of paint for the 90's. Robert takes a look.






Other stuff.


From time to time space permitting I will be bringing you other roleplaying ideas and items, and even a couple of complete systems for you too use for free.

Lara Croft Character sheet. Here’ s a character sheet for Lara from Tomb Raider allowing Call of Cthulhu players to use her in their own campaign’s. She is a powerful character and should be used as an NPC by the Gamesmaster. The sheet is in HTML format if you have trouble reading it please mail me and I will send you a copy in a format you can read. Coming soon Lara for GURPS, plus Natla, and Pierre.


 Uncle Peters Comfy Corner. Welcome to Uncle Peters Comfy Corner a section of Gamers Web that is all about AD&D and not much else! Pull up a cushion and sit down and listen to the wise words of Uncle Peter.


I was a Live Action Virgin!. An excellent article written by a very good friend of mine Simon 'Cookie' Cooke. His first hand experiences with Live action Roleplaying and how he survived (just!).


 Coming very soon

Look out for a complete Clan system for SLA Industries, Shadowrun Adventures, a complete Warhammer 40,000 for GURPS, and much more. Tired of rolling up all those NPC's for your adventures. Well look out for our custom character generator coming very soon.

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