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Hello there and welcome to Rumour Control. Each month I will try to bring you all the latest news and gossip in the world of miniature gaming and the big guns that rule the roust. After many years in the hobby, I have gathered together a wide variety of contacts in key positions in the games industry and although every thing that you will find here each month is rumour, it is around 95% accurate and comes from contacts (un-named in most cases for obvious reasons) inside the games world. Nothing is 100% concrete and as with all things companies being companies are liable to change their minds, rearrange release dates and totally surprise us. If you have any comments on Rumour Control please address them to me at the address at the end of the article. Until next time this is X saying there is no such thing as a secret!


Games Workshop.

Lots of stuff due out in the next few months if the rumours are correct and it looks as if it could be a great winter in store for all GW fans.

Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition at Euro Gen Con.

Sources from GW inform me that for the first time in over 10 years Games Workshop will be at the Euro Gen Con, held again this year in Loughborough, in the midlands in England. GW where present at the US Gen Con held in Milwaukee last week, but it looks as if they will be actually playing the new version of 40K at the UK show. More information as and when I get it.

More on Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition.

Looks as if the new version of Warhammer 40,000 is a go. Games Workshops official web site no longer has a Warhammer 40,000 section at the moment, but there is a banner placed there telling you that the universe is about to change. Check it out. Other rumours going around the stores at the moment are as follows:

1.Points. It looks as if the entire points system for the new game is going to be completely changed. Instead of paying hundreds of points for a squad of Marines, you can now get them for under 20!

2. Ork Clans. The old Ork clans will no longer be around in the new version of 40K. After a climatic fight with the Emperor, one of the Ork gods (Mork and Gork) dies. The Orks are not sure as to which god has died and their society (as such) breaks down with Orks following Gork or Mork, as in the Gorkamorka game. No more Goffs or Badmoons, although you can still field certain troops from the old clans.

3.Contents. The new game will, unlike the last version, contain a more balanced force for you to play with. The Orks are no longer included in the new version of the game, but are replaced by the long awaited debut of the Dark Eldar. Alongside these new miniatures are some brand new multi pose Marines, plastic terrain, and plastic palm trees. Plus the rule book is in full colour and is over 200 pages thick.

4. The new statistics for the troops wont include a Movement value! It appears that all troops have a similar base movement of 6 inches, but as in the Epic Warhammer 40,000 game, a separate charge move will be available as well to take troops into hand to hand range!


Dark Eldar

Hinted at in countless GW products over the past 4 years or so, it looks as if the Dark Eldar will finally see the light of day this year and could be one of the plastic ranges in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 along side the Space Marines. The Dark Eldar are said to be one of the most deadly of all the races in 40K and live only for constant battle. They must fight at all times or their souls will be eaten by Slannessh the Chaos god. Expect to see the Dark Eldar as a very fast and mobile force if rumours are to believed, as they are expected to have the fastest movement rate in the entire game, but cant use vehicles. The Dark Eldar wont use the Shuriken weapons that their Eldar cousins use, instead they wield a strange weapon known as a Splinter Gun; which sends thousands of tiny shards of warp powered fragments into their enemies. Jes Goodwin as apparently been very hard at work designing the range and a new Codex will accompany the range when it comes out.

Games Workshop Calendar 1999

 Offered in the latest issue of Previews (the catalogue that is used in the comic and toy industry to order stock) from Diamond Publications, shows that Games Workshop are offering their first ever wall calendar for next year. The artwork is taken from existing GW products such as 40K and Fantasy Battle, and also from the Warhammer Monthly comic book. Artists such as Colin MacNeil (Bloodquest) Kev Walker (Judge Dredd, more GW products than I can count!) and Mike Gibbons will be included in the calendar, alongside John Blanche. The Calendar will retail in the states for $11.99 and in the UK for 7.99 and should be in stores in October.


Games Workshop to produce larger scale models.

More on the larger scale models mentioned last month. Inside sources inform me that GW is planing to release 220mm tall models of the most popular of the characters in the Warhammer Monthly comic book. There is a poll in the latest issue (6) to see what the most popular characters are, and they should be available in GW stores near Christmas . Also it looks as if GW will follow on from the Thunderhawk Gunship with a whole range of new all plastic vehicles. GW has recently took on an ex employee of Airfix one of the biggest makers of plastic construction kits in the world and now have their own mould making machines. Look out for at least 3 versions of the Landraider kit due out in the next few months, along with plastic Dreadnoughts, an all new Eldar vehicle that carries troops called a Serpent.

Leather bound Warhammer.

 Start saving those pennies now as if this rumour is correct ( and I heard it from an excellent source) then we are all in for a treat. Games Workshop are apparently planing a large leather bound version of the history of Warhammer 40,000, complete with metal clasps and a metal eagle seal. The entire history of the Imperium will be shown in great detail on parchment style paper, with lots of codex style artwork illuminating the text. But this wont come cheap however. Expect to pay at least 50 for this huge tome if it ever comes out.


Looking for more Games Workshop rumours? Check out the Excellent Portent site for more information.


Heartbreaker/Target Games.

Warzone 2nd Edition.

Looks like Warzone may just get a re-vamp very soon. The award winning system is all set to be updated and re-released in a boxed set, along with some brand new plastic miniatures. Details are still unsure as to what will make the box at the present time, but expect the rules to be more concise and clear than the originals and to be under the 30/$45 mark.

 Battlefield Enhancers.

Following the success of both the Brotherhood Cathedral and the Firstborn Watchtower Target are planning to bring out a full range of these excellently made card stock terrain pieces, complete with the limited edition miniatures that are only available in these sets. The Bauhaus Bunker is in stores now and will be followed later this month with the Imperial Bridgehead, complete with two limited miniatures the Imperial Ordinance Officer and the Capitol Covert Operations Specialist (a cool female Capitol troop!). Also for Chronopia is the Dwarf Talon Gate a new building for the game of dark fantasy which will include two exclusive new Chronopia miniatures available only with this boxed set, the Stygian Hammerhead and the Dwarven Vulture Clan Talon Lord. Look out for both of these in stores later this month. This set will also give rules for fighting battles in Jungle terrain adding to the wide range of climatic rules that Target are so good at creating.

The Fallen Land.

Following on the heels of both Land of Two Rivers and Sons of Chronos, the Fallen Land is the next in the range of books for the Chronopia fantasy system. Introducing a new race to the game (as with Two Rivers) the Swamp Goblins, these vicious members of the Blackblood race do not bow to the rule of the Emperor Nizar Bloodbound and now they have formed an alliance with the Jade House of the Elves whose spiral cities stand on the rim of the Fallen Land. The fires of revolution are rising in the Blackblood Empire and Nizar must act quickly to prevent the fires from consuming the Empire that he worked so hard, and killed so many, to build.



Pinniacle Entertainment.

Deadlands 2084

Pinnacle Entertainment recently announced that it plans to unleash a whole new twist on its award winning Deadlands the Weird West rpg. Teasers have been posted on the official site, showing a Brom cover that has been altered to include a sprawling futuristic cityscape. The game is set almost 200 years after the original game and the world is now a wasteland that has been ravaged by the power of the mysterious ghost rock. The game will be a stand alone product and will have full support from Pinnacle and will run along side Deadlands. Look out for more information as soon as we get it and also keep your eyes open for an all new setting for Deadlands from Gamers Web: DEADLANDS 1946: The FIGHT FOR THE PACIFIC coming very soon to Gamers Web.

More as and when we get it.



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