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Mira is a surprisinly strong-willed person who sticks to her roots and morals. She is one of those people who turns heads - even when they do not know who she is. She recenlty, in 1998, became a mother of her first son, Marko Lav Gajic. Her husband, Goran Gajic, is a director, so they are both in the movie bisnuss.

Mira use to live, with her husband Goran, in Croatia, a part of the former Yugoslavia. Due to political developments in her country, Mira was forced to leave. Mira is a pacifist, and she made a comment that art should not serve politics. Many people who heard this trashed Mira's name; she went from a revered actress to a person who was disloyal to her homeland. At least, in their minds she did. This caused Mira and Goran to move to America.

Many have asked me to elborate more on this subject. I have finally gotten a chance to do that. You see, Yugoslavia was on the verge of civil war. At this time, Mira preformed roles on both side of the war - for both Croatia and Serbia. Before, she had won two Golden Arenas for Best Actress, and had preformed in twenty-five films. All of this, however, amounted to nothing when she tried to aid peice. People looked down on here, nationalist threatened to have her killed, and anonymous death threats were left on her answering machine.

Once Mira came to America, she got a part on the television show Babylon 5 where she played 'Delenn of Mir'. The sci-fi show dazzled many and she is now a popular actress amoung the science fiction fans. If you have not yet seen Mira on Babylon 5, check it out. You will love her role.

Mira is also a marvelous singer. Her new CD, Songs from Movies That Have Never Been Made. Each song has a "fake" movie and a mood to it. Furthermore, some of the language is actually made up, making it even more interesting. Her husband Goran also helped her with it, too, so if you get a chance to buy it it will be well worth it.

Many have also asked what roles Mira has preformed in Theater. I know that she played Ophelia in The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Celimene in The Misanthrope, and Helen in Eurpidies' Helen. Should I find other parts that she played, I will gladly inform you of them.

Mira Furlan: An Actress of Many Talents