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The hidden harmony is better than the obvious one.



Mary (pseudonym) was surfing the Internet one day and chanced upon a web site that had information by Derrel Sims concerning his research with experiencers who have found fluorescent markings on their bodies after a perceived abduction. For a reason she can't quite explain, Mary then went into her son's room where there happened to be a black light he had set up to shine on a poster. She looked at herself in the mirror under the black light to find an orange-pink fluorescent substance on her face.

Mary bought herself a better black light and later examined herself further to find the fluorescence also extensively on her chest and lower torso. Alarmed she contacted a local researcher and gave him a sample. A couple of months later in May of 1997 I happened to meet Mary. By then she still had no word on any results from the sample and since I knew the researcher, she asked me to help her get information.

Although Mary seemed very sincere and honest, I wanted to be sure she wasn't making this up. I asked her if she was still glowing. She said yes and invited me to her house to take a look. She definitely had a substance on her face and chest that glowed under the black light. It had changed color slightly and was more pinkish by the time I saw it. I witnessed it a couple of times over a period of about a month.

We got nowhere getting any answers to the supposed analysis so I suggested we take another sample. I watched as she repeatedly scrubbed her face. The substance did not wash off or diminish in any way. In order to obtain the sample, Mary then squeezed the substance out of the pores of her skin around her nose. She did this in the dark under the black light. I almost fainted when I saw a bright pink substance oozing out of her skin. Whatever it is, it's subdermal. It is coming from inside her body and can still be seen on her skin today, a year later as of this writing.

I divided the sample in half and sent it to two different doctors who were interested in analyzing it. For various reasons no results of any analysis (three total) has been received by either Mary or myself. Further complicating matters Mary has since had a very vivid dream in which she was told she shouldn't give anyone any more samples. It's all very frustrating however I don't want anyone to think that I am accusing any of the researchers involved of covering anything up. The phenomenon itself appears to limit how much can be found out about it.

The incident that Mary is talking about here happened around the time she found the glow in late winter or early spring 1997.

Another incident that happened a couple of - well, maybe about three or four months ago I saw balls of light on the ceiling. You know, and I'm thinking what pretty balls of light. You know they're just dancing around and I thought why don't I wake T__ (husband's name) to show him the pretty balls of light. I see about three colors, three different colors that were just kind of moving about near the windows.

(Mary's asked if she saw more than one ball of light.) Yeah, there were more than - there were probably about four or five of them. I don't remember any sounds. I wanted to wake T__ up to show him the pretty lights. Well, then I must have fell asleep and the next thing I remember is I kind of had the feeling that I was back awake and I'm being dragged back down towards the end of my bed by a force. I didn't feel anything touching my skin, but like a force dragging me while I was on my stomach. And I'm looking at my husband while he's sleeping thinking, "Why don't you help me?" You know? He's out like a light.

Yeah, there were more than - there were probably about ...

Reversal: I got worth. Then who are they?

mary01.ram         mary01.wav

... pretty lights ...

Reversal: The owl lead her.

mary02.ram         mary02.wav

Mary's therapist used the hypnotic device of asking Mary look into a mirror. In it she sees herself with a benevolent blue energy around her. She continues:

Under hypnosis in my mind I'm standing in front of this mirror and I could see myself with this energy around me. And then I also to the right of me I saw I guess one of the greys. But this one was taller than me but it was standing there. But it had no clothes on. I know M__ (the hypnotherapist) kept saying, "Did it have a white robe or did it have something on?" I said, "No it had nothing." It was just standing there almost like a guide or somebody beside me. But that's all I wanted to remember there.

And I know one time before when M__ had hypnotized me he, he took me into the ship. I saw a table like a metal table with like a slight groove around the table. And on the table I saw what I felt was myself anyway, um, with no clothes on. And that was scary in itself. Um, but then I remember looking like to my right a little bit and having this face with these two eyes I mean looking at me. And that, that scared me enough there that I did not want to remember anything else. It was too - He wanted me to remember and I did not want to remember.

He took me ... (into the ship)

Reversal: He who pushed it.

mary03.ram         mary03.wav

... and having this face with these two eyes ...

Reversal: See owl. Wishes you could see it. Send me back a net.

mary04.ram         mary04.wav

Mary, another friend and I were in a restaurant having a lively conversation when I recorded these clips in June of 1997. Poor Mary barely got a word in without our voices overlapping. Although I don't have a long monologue to reproduce here for you, some of Mary's reversals are so intriguing that I chose to include them anyway.

Mary is wondering about the fluorescence. She asks:

Is it, can it be normal?

Reversal: No mere image, is it?

mary05.ram         mary05.wav

Mary is talking about showing her therapist the glow under a black light:

…under the black light.

Reversal: The owl called within it.

mary06.ram         mary06.wav

Still talking about her therapist, she was trying to get him to help her get information from the researcher who was analyzing a sample of the fluorescence.

... if he could find out information.

Reversal: Sham. Come right out with it.

mary07.ram         mary07.wav

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