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Chapter 2
Room Links and Descriptions
The Seattle Philosophy
Character Creation
Experience and FINs

Seattle Residents

John Ross, BRUJAH Prince of The Emerald Nights: This is the Prince of Seattle's page, be careful not to bother him for he can call a Blood Hunt!

The Oddysey: The floating Castle of Duke Andre d'Antioch (Ventrue Archon) and the Lady Branwen McLir. Black Tie and a strong stomach required.


The Forked Tongue: A look at The Nightclubs of Seattle- Paradise Lost and The Forked Toungue

Loki-Dances-Wyddershins: The "oh-so" entertaining life of Seattle's most troublesome Nuwisha

Angela DeMorte: Oh my god it's''s a mortal ! coff coff lickstick coff coff

Into the Shadows: Creep into Seattle's undertown and visit the Oddities within!

Kirya!: Kirya Lyric's page and the Queen of Spades Description

Smith Tower: Built in 1914, the Smith Tower remains to this day a striking landmark that continues to be voted seattle's favorite building. The Smith Tower features 42 storeys and the ever famous Chinese Room. The building is said to be owned by one of the richest families in the world...not to mention it's owned by the Giovanni Clan.

Contact The Storytellers
VAngelaDeM and Wyddershin

Emerald Nights
Seattle's Nocturnal War

Welcome to the jungle.

What Has Gone Before:

Seattle, the Emerald City, has seen better times. The once feel-good, bustling metropolis of the great Pacific Northwest is today spinning out of control.

In the past, the Prince and Primogen held absolute sway over the city and its port. The Lupines guarded their forests from the Kindred, but neither group interfered with the other, unless amply provoked.

Stasis... for almost 100 years...stasis.

Strange things were happening to the North. In Vancouver, an odd dual governing system was created where the Garou and Kindred jointly held the reins of power. But it did not affect the Emerald City in those peaceful years. When the trouble started it came from the South.

California broke into a Civil War and Anarchs flooded out and up into Seattle, bringing their politics with them. The Emerald City took in these lost ones,for a time, but soon it became all too obvious that the mortal prey could not sustain predators in such bloated numbers.

The City Groaned under the pressure and the Veil grew thin.

The Prince declared no more Refugees would be allowed into Seattle.

Of course, the Anarchs paid no attention to this, as Anarchs are wont to do. And so, still they came, night after night, pouring into the city like a tidal wave of blood.

Under the Prince's order, the Primogen started ejecting the young ones, often by force, only to find that two more had immigrated for every one they had banished.

Then it happened...the Toreador Primogen was slain by a pack of rebel refugees and the Pogrom began.

The Emerald City ran Ruby Red not just with Kine vitae but now with Kindred as well.

It was obvious the young ones stood no chance as they were rousted and herded into the forests. There they meet their fate in the form of the teeth and claws of the Garou who happily disposed of the city's refuse. All the while, the Prince fell further out of grace with the powerful Lupines who only saw that he was dumping his problems in their Sacred Wilderness.

Regardless of the futility, the young children of the night fought back more viciously than ever as they began to see the truth...that the Camarilla was bent on their destruction. So they did what others in similar positions have done ... they turned to the Enemy of their Enemy.

And so Sabbat rolled into the Emerald City.... with a vengeance.

In one decade, the position of Prince changed hands three times. And while the two Dragons wheeled and fought in the night sky...

...down below

...the vermin crept in to feed on the scraps that fell in the gutters. Snakes crawled, Rats scurried, and the Cauldron came to a rolling boil.

To the East, slowly and quietly, a new entity was budding...strange mortal businesses took root. Oddly they seemed impervious to the Ventrue and Lasombra tentacles that controlled most major Kine interests. The chief among them was Microsoft. But in the red haze that had engulfed Seattle it was easy to overlook this growing presence... few Kindred cared for petty mortal issues now when the Sabbat were threatening the Masquerade! All they knew, all they saw, was that the Sabbat must be stopped...must be turned back!

The last Prince then made an unexpected Riposte. Realizing that the Camarilla’s weakness was its stiff-necked adherence to Tradition and so she threw caution to the wind and made a bold move to checkmate the Sabbat.

She went to the outside clans and struck a deal.

The bargain was this...for One Century, the non-aligned clans could come and go in Seattle as they please, so long as they did not violate the Traditions. Additionally, she stated clearly to every Kindred under her control, that contrary to ALL previous history, these former outcasts were being granted areas of DOMAIN! In exchange, they would help the Camarilla oust the Sabbat from the Emerald City once and for all.

The Giovanni and Setites accepted, each in their own way. At the least, they agreed not to interfere (it is rumored the Setites did even more). The Ravnos, in their usual manner, made clear that they would not take part in any gaje war, but offered to "provide" information and sell their "special skills" from time to time. For this, they were awarded small vurdons within the city where they would not be hounded. The Assamites foolishly refused, and in so doing earned the enmity of the Seattle Camarilla.

And then the Sabbat knew Fear.

The war raged on, but the Sabbat were fighting a losing battle. Cut off from outside support, the Cardinal in Nevada eventually decided to let the Seattle campaign die.

He of course did not inform the troops of this.

It came to pass that the Sabbat realized they were beaten and it was time to make a break for it. They negotiated a truce and there was to be an official exchange of hostages. The remaining Sabbat would then be allowed to leave.

The Sabbat and Anarch leaders, the Primogen and their Prince all met on the first day of August,1998. This was the last day the Emerald City would see anything approaching ‘Order’ for a long time.

Someone, no one knows who, flattened an ENTIRE CITY BLOCK where the meeting was taking place. By the amount of explosives used, the message was clear. Whoever it was took no chances that any Kindred of power, or potential power, would be left in Seattle.

Rumors run rampant... there are as many suspects as there are people in the Puget Sound area.

What Is: And now?'s out! The teacher called in sick and the principal was blown to bits. Summer vacation is here and we all have guns.

What Will Be: Hmm...guess you will just have to come visit and see just who will be the new Bad-Ass of the playground!