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Hello There...

...and welcome to my WebTV Toolshed/Help Page. Since there's already so much excellent help available, I thought I'd just group some of it together, and perhaps add a comment or two along the way.

WebTV Homepage
Might as well start here, huh? WebTV's take on stuff.

The WebTV .users News Group
1000 postings on a wide variety of subjects from WebTV users across the Country, both newbies and oldies. Lots of useful information from people who have made (and hopefully learned from) their mistakes. A great place to ask and answer questions. See ya there! Sorry, but if you're surfing on a pc, you're gonna have to take my word for it. This NG is on WebTV's server, and is accessible with a WebTV only.

Paul Erickson's WebTV Link Page
Absolutely a Godsend for the WebTV user who wants to expand their knowledge. Paul's pages are one of the finest resources anywhere. Thanks, Paul, from all of us!

Alan's WebTV Guide
Another frequent poster to the .users NG, Alan's pages contain a wealth of information about doing more with your WebTV.

Draac's Free Gifs 123
An extraordinary WebTVer, the good Dr. Draac provides linkable images, backgrounds, and music for other WebTV users to use in webpages and e-mails. He also has a great HTML school, as well as other tutorials. A very comprehensive site.

Uncle Fester's *Free* WebTV Scanning Service
Everyone who knows me, knows "Uncle Fester" has been my nickname for years. Well, this ain't me. He's yet another helpful frequent poster to .users, who will upload free to your homepage. Just send your pictures, etc., to him; he'll take care of the rest. All that, and a cool nic! Be sure to tell him the "other" Unc sent ya. hehehe

Dr. Watson's HTML Validator
One of the better sites I've seen for troubleshooting, you can use this service both to validate your HTML codes, and for a reliable spellchecker. Quick, easy, and accurate.

Ronnie's WebTV Quick Find
A Great Site! From here, you can validate your HTML, find the URL of any .gif file, alter gifs, spellcheck, and a lot more. This one deserves a shortcut key, folks.

WebTV Friend's Wordprocessor
One of the better free wp sites available for WebTVers. You can't save your work here, but you can compose, use HTML, and print.

Star Boulevard Transload Service
It's finally here!! Now you can ftp direct to your site on!! You still need to scan pics, of course, but this fantastic service lets you upload gifs, midis, etc. directly to your page from any URL (that you're legally allowed to, naturally). Click here for more on why bandwith theft gives us all a bad name, or click here for easy instuctions on using the Transloader. A Big Thanks to Anthony Chu for this one!

Thanks For Stopping By!This page is new, and more links will be added soon. I hope you'll check back often. Feel free to E-Mail me with comments and suggestions.

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