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Transit Employees of Texas

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The Association was founded in January, 1999 for the purpose of uniting together a group of employees who share common interest and goals. It is our hope that through interaction with one another we can address problems which face Transit Employees in the State of Texas, within our respective places of Employment and yes, even within the Labor Unions which represent many of us.

The Founders of this Association are Pro Union, but through our own experiences we acknowledge that there are Employees who, although Represented by a Union, lack the proper Representation necessary to prosper within the Transit indrustry. It is our intent to provide Union and Non Union Employees alike, access to information which may be helpful in there plight to aquire Job Security, Better Wages and Benefits, Improved Working Conditions and Job Safety.

The Association is unable to personally assist individual Employee Groups other than providing the information necessary for you to help yourselves, as we are a Non-Profit Organization. The Association will however, provide Technical assistance in establishing your Membership Group Website which will be linked in to this site under the Members button on the side bar.
Any Employee Group which becomes a Member of the Association will receive their own Free Website so that they may post information of Interest specific to their Group. In addition, you will find our TEA Message Board available so that your members may share their thoughts, views and insights with other Transit Employees Association Group Members.
As the Association grows we will schedule regular Chat sessions so we may interact with one another live, conduct meetings etc. Feel free to use our Chat room at any time for your personal use when no meeting is scheduled.

Membership in the Association is restricted to Non Management Transit Employee Groups in the State of Texas.
To start your Membership Group in the Association send your request to:

Thank You for visiting our Home Page. We hope that you will find the vast amount of Resources availible at the side bar useful in your plight for Job Security and Justice.
Please return often as we will post items of interest and update our pages regularly.

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