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Location: IowaType of work: Raising Exotic Birds & Artist

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I am know as a Aviculturist, better known as a exotic bird breeder. I raise many, many different species of birds. Some of them originally are from Brazil, Mexico, Australia and the such. The rainforest is the most talked about place that people are familiar with. I raise these birds in a stress-free environment , to the best of my ability, Which we all know is very hard to do now a days. They are brought up and subjected to all things that I think they will come into contact with once they leave my care. This alone makes it much easier on the new parents that come to me wanting to buy a baby . They are raised in this manner to put out the very best loving baby that I can possibly have. I hope you find this of interest to you in making your choice.

Current Species:
Amazons: Blue Front Lilac Crown
Arican Greys: Congo Timneh
Mini Macaws: Nobles Severes

Prices ranging from $750 to $800
Please E-Mail me for exact prices and current babies available

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