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Facts About John

Full name: John Joseph Theadore Rzeznik
Birth Date: December 5, 1965
Birth Place: Buffalo NY
Best Friend:Robby Takac
Parents:Joseph and Edith Rzeznik
Siblings:4 sisters: Phyllis,Fran,and Kate
Hair Color:brown with blonde highlights
Eye Color:Blue
Height: Approximatly 5'10"
Languages:English and Polish (his family is Polish and he is part Polish)
Instruments:Accordion, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Drums (briefly).
Fave type of food:Mexican
Marital Status: 1993 married x-model named Laurie currently seperated for over 2 yrs.
Other Occupations: Bartender, Hot Dog Vender & Peant Roaster
Quote: If I couldnt be a rock star I would be a cook or a bus driver.
Pets: Dog Lab Cloe & Cat Tabby (? name)


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