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Using a traditional Islamic octagon, familiar from Maghribi zillij, it shows a royal blue Compass Rose on a tile. North is shown by a faransisiyyah, a sign of futuwwah, taken from a Mamluke rank, and the Qiblah bearing is given as 2700 milliradians. The diagonals are coloured in the red and white of the Umayyads, showing the links between the British and the Islamic world of Andalusia, in particular the Cordovan Caliphate of Abdu-r Rahman III an Nasir li Deeni-Llah, the builder of Madinatu-z Zahrah.

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  • Manners Makyth Man
  • Tolerance
  • Prayer at an Eclipse
  • Sadaqah, Sadaqatu-l Fitr, and Zakat
  • The Eight Recipients
  • Khilafah: The State of Being a Vicegerent, Caliph, or Depute
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    The ABM is the oldest extant organisation of British Muslims. Founded originally in Liverpool in 1889 as The English Islamic Association by HE Shaykhu-l Islam Abdullah Quilliam Bey, Shaykhu-l Islam of the British Isles by appointment of the Caliph, HIM Sultan Abdul Hamid II, jannat makan, (which appointment was endorsed by the Queen-Empress, HM Queen Victoria, and also by HE the Emir of Morocco, HM the King of Afghanistan, and HIM the Qajar Shah of Iran). The organisation was revived in London's Notting Hill in 1927 as The Western Islamic Association, with HE Khalid Sheldrake, sometime Emir of Kashgar, Eastern Turkestan, as Amir. It was reconstituted at the London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Regent's Park in 1974 as The Association Of British Muslims with Imam Daoud Rosser-Owen as Amir, and again in 1978 as The Association For British Muslims with Imam Hajji Abdul Rasjid Skinner as Amir.
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