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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

Web Ring Help


My new Queue members didn't get the e-mail with the "Frag" included. Is there an easy way to correct this?

img src="images/dot_clea.gif" hspace="8" width="1" height="1">What I would do to replace the missing E-mails with the code is go to your mail program (I use Netscape). Click on "New Message". Copy and paste your ring code into the body. Then click on "File" and "Save Draft".
Whenever you need to send a personal e-mail with the code you can simply open the above message, make the minor changes to the code with the e-mail address and site ID#'s and send it out, or copy the draft and paste it into another &New Message" and do the same thing. That way, everything is handled in your e-mail program, and you don't have to visit the site to get the code. Takes all of about 2 minutes.
-- Morgan Smith



Is there an easy way to make a mailing list of my ring members?

To make a "mailing list" of those names, go to the
Net. Nav. mail center.
Click on Address Book which gives two options: New Card, New List
Click on New List
You get a box to work in
Name the List ("Ring" or whatever)
Then click on the letter icon to add names
All you need to type is the first several letters of the last name and Netscape will finish the name.
Hit [Enter] to add another name.
When finished, click "OK"
Your e-mail list is now a part of your Address Book, listed in alphabetical order.
When you want to send a common e-mail to the list, simply click on the "List Name" in the first address line and the e-mail letter will go to everyone on the list.
I prefer keeping my addresses in Netscape, because does suffer breakdowns every now and then. However, if you have a LARGE webring, with lots and lots of addresses, you may prefer to let compile it for you, then cut and paste from that list.
Another alternative is to use a "Mail List" program which you can find on the Internet at places such as
One additional note. When I enter a person's e-mail address in the address book, on the line for their last name, I put their "ring ID number" in parenthesis before the name: (11) Jones. Because of the way the computer sorts, all my ring members names are at the top of address book list and in numerical order according to their ring ID number.
No one has complained yet about being "Sam (11) Jones" or whatever in the e-mails.
-- Morgan Smith

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I have another account that I am using for my ring that I would like to put a signature on also.

To put a signature on e-mail in Netscape 4.
First, create a plain text file, using something like MS Notepad, with the words you want in your "signature". Name it and save it; I named mine "signatur" and saved it in the same directory where I keep all my web site files.
Click on your mail program.
At the top of the screen, click on "Edit".
Click on "Preferences".
Click on the "+" sign next to "Mail & Groups".
Click on "Identity"
Where it says at the bottom "Signature File", fill in the blank window with the location of your "signatur" file. For example: C:\websitefiles\signatur
Leave the "Always attach Address Book Card ..." UNchecked
Click OK.
It attaches automatically to any e-mail you send.

(o o)

-- Morgan Smith

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How can I get rid of messages with offensive language so I don't have to read them?

One solution to getting emails which contain language you don't want to read:
*If you have Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.
In your Netscape Mail Program, at the top of the screen, click on "Edit".
Click on "Mail Filters"
Click on "New"
Give the filter a name, such as "profanity1"
Click arrow next to "sender" and choose "Subject"
You now have "Subject contains", so click on the next field and enter a word you don't like.
I found there were 4 words that every "flamer" uses, and I don't mean damn and hell.
I made a new filter for each of those words which might appear in the "Subject".
I also clicked on "Body" and made a new filter for the same words which might appear in the body(text) of the email. This gives me 8 filters for ALL incoming email.
Next, click on arrow next to "Move to" and select "Delete"
Then, click on "OK"
Since email which contains those 4 words NEVER has any substance dealing with webrings, they are filtered out and are automatically deleted. They never arrive in my inbox, and I don't have to read them or manually delete them.
You can also filter out email from a certain person by filtering the sender by name or email address.
I hope this helps those that want the substance of ringmasters-l without the garbage.
-- Morgan Smith

Eudora Mail Program Help
How can I set up my mail program to automatically put certain letters in a separate folder from my inbox?

If you use Eudora, you need to set up a folder called Ringmasters. Then you need to go into Tools:Filters. Click on "New" Fill in the details (I set mine up so that if subject contains ringmasters, it goes to the ringmasters folder).
Then exit the filters menu, and choose Special:Filter messages. That will filter all messages already in your inbox.
From then on, it will automatically filter when it checks your mail.
-- Eric Abrams

Outlook Express
Here's what ya do to set up your mail program:
1. Click on "Tools" on Outlook Express
2. Then click on "Inbox Assistant
3. click on the "Add" button
4. In the subject type in "[ringmasters-l]" (without the quotes of course)
5. Then go down to "Move To:" and click in the little box
6. Then click on "Folder" and another window should pop up
7. On the new window click on "New Folder"
8. A "New Folder" window should pop up, and just type in what you want to call it and click on "OK"
9. find the folder that you just added, click on it, and then click on "OK"
10. When that window disappears, you should have that new folder in the same line as the "Move To:" and right nest to the "Folder " button. 11. then click on "OK" and the info you just added will show up in your Inbox Assistant, and just click "OK"
That should do it :)
-- Calvero :)

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Misc. Mail List/Filter/Anti-Spam Programs

Enough people showed interest in email filtering that rather than answer each one, I found the following filtering programs.
Filters unwanted junk mail
MailJail 2.0
Filters mail and works with Eudora
Both of the above are shareware available from

another mail filter program
A filter program which works with Eudora Pro and Light.
Filters mail for spam
Spam Exterminator
Also filters mail
These 4 are shareware and are available from
-- Morgan Smith

Also try SPAMGUARD 2.5. This is available all over the net and is fully customizable.
-- Denis Baldwin

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AOL Mail Program
How do I turn off the Mail Alert on AOL so that it doesnt' constantly go off?

Send a message to yourself with the subject "set mail noflag" to turn off the mail alert.
Then to get the alert again, send youreslf a message with subject "set mail flag".
In both cases you shouldn't put it in quotes, and it should all be lowercase.
This worked when I was on aol Ver 3.0, so I don't know about the newer one. Hope this helps.
-- Carl 'MJ Fan' Henninger

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IP Address
This is really not webring related, but can I find out my IP address from Hotmail? If I can, how is this accomplished?

Send yourself an email from your Hotmail account
when you receive the email, look at the *full* headers on the email (done different ways depending on what email client you're using
with pegasus, hit Ctrl-H)
you'll see a lot of "received from" lines. The one at the bottom is the one you should look at
for instance, on the email you sent asking this question, I pulled this line out of the header:
"Received: from
( []) by (IConNet Sendmail) with SMTP id PAA26391
for ; Sun, 28 Dec 1997 15:23:45 -0500
which leads me to believe your IP address at the time of sending was
There are much easier ways of determining your own IP address tho
(in Win95, go down to START -> RUN -> (type) WinIPCfg (hit enter) )
not to mention lots of different shareware/freeware applications that you can download to show you your current IP address.
Anyway.. hope this helps...
-- Nnickee


There are two very good ones.
1. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
2. CSIM (CompuServe Instant Messenger)
There is also ICQ (I Seek You) which is a one-on-one chat program.
The only thing needed to run these programs is an Internet Connection. You don't have to have AOL or CS to run either of the Instant Messengers.
CSIM is available at
You can get AIM at
You can get ICQ at
-- Bob Marion

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