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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

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Where can I find a chart with colors and their hex codes?

Go to any of these URL's. They show the colors and give you the hex code for them:

Can I change the "Link" colors in a table?

I have found that I can force my link colors to a different one than the page setting by putting FONT tags inside the HREF tags:

<A HREF="webring.html"> <FONT COLOR=red>All My Webrings</FONT></A>

I look forward to hearing if there's a better way to do this. :)
I've succeeded in doing it that way too (and viewing it with Netscape 4.5), but ONLY if I don't specify any link color in the tag.
This would mean having to seperately specify a color for all the links on a page, cause if you don't it'll revert to the colour that is set as the default in your browser. And therefore about everybody else on the net will see them in a different colour.
-- Anitra Freeman

This is a portion of a table I did which has different link colors:

<table border="4" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="4" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<th bgcolor="#FF0033" colspan="3"><font size="3" color="#FFFFFF" face="ARIAL,GENEVA">JOKE CATEGORIES
<td bgcolor="#009966"><img src="images/dot_clea.gif" hspace="75" border="0" width="1" height="1">
<a href="#MISC"><center><font size="3" color="#FFFF66" face="ARIAL,GENEVA"><b>
Misc. Jokes/Humor</a></center>

You can see the whole table working at:
Click on "Links", then on "Jokes"
-- Morgan Smith

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