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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

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I want a pull-down menu. Any suggestions?

Here is one example:

Pick a place!

This is the code for the above menu:
<!-- navigation table -->
Pick a place!<BR>
<SELECT NAME="chooser">
<OPTION VALUE="smoke/">Home
<OPTION VALUE="collab/index.shtml">My interests
<OPTION VALUE="stuff/why.htm">Webrings
<OPTION VALUE="athjourn.htm">Guestbook
<OPTION VALUE="stuff/angio.htm">Links
<OPTION VALUE="">Mail me!
<INPUT TYPE=BUTTON VALUE="MAIN MENU" ONCLICK="parent.parent.location.href=this.form.chooser.

NOTE: ONCLICK... - the whole thing must be on one line.

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Launched 2-13-98

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