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Over the past 11 or so months, Chad has touched a lot of fans lives, whether he realizes it or not....this is a place for you to express your stories, how Chad touched your life. Feel free to submit your stories

"My sister, some of my friends and I had taken the train up to Ottawa to see the show. I hadn't seen it in a whiel because I was in Europe backpacking so I missed the last show in Toronto (poor me- I know) but anways we got to Ottawa and we were sitting int he third row. Chad walks out on stage and gives me and my sister a nice head nod when he saw us there.Ok no biggy but we were excited. But the best was at the end of the show during the bows he looked out for us and waved and winked at us from the line. It was awesome. the after he came out and gave us big hugs and said how nice it was to see familar faces. He's got to eb the nicest guy i have ever met. We took a few pictures and chatted about Europe and University and the tape I gave him. He told me that he listens to my tape - isn't that so nice!"~Erin

"my favourite one was the first time I ever met him- it was my birthday and my friends had waited outside the stage door before the show to ask him if he would come out after and wish me a happy birthday. i had no idea that they had done this. So we waited outside the stage door and almost all the cast had come out and I was totally losing hope. But then he came out and looked out over all the little girls yelling for autographs and said "Where's Erin?". I couldn't believe it but then I went over and he gave me an autographed poster and a huge hug. We took some pictures- some of which turned out greta and others were funny becuase my cheeks were all rosey from being so excited. All I have to say is that it was the best birthday of my life thus far and it was all thanks to Chad!"~Erin

"My favorite Chad memory was my last show in Toronto. I wasnt able to go to the very last, so i went to the last Mat. I was bawling my eyes out at curtian call there in the front row, and Chad winked at me during bows. I composed myself, because i refused to let any of them see me like that. Chad was one of the last to come out, as aways. I waited my turn, and i had the silliest present to give him, a coffee mug i made. He seemed SOOO happy and told me he'd use it everyday in Ottawa, then he gave me the biggest hug and a kiss, and he left." ~Dev

"One that stands out in my mind was the last Toronto show - my friend and I sat in the fifth row, on the left side - directly in fornt of Chad for Seasons of Lov, during which he gave us a big smile. Then afterwards, we waited forever to push through the crowd to talk to him. He was so nice to us - he said 'You two were so, cute, smiling at me fomr the 5th row!' then he signed a CD for my sister, we gave him flowers and took a couple pics, and then he told us that he would miss talking to us and that he 'has so much affection' for us! We were so excited! I told him I'd see him in Ottawa and got a hug and a kiss good bye -then i walked away and started to cry cause he had been so nice to me!!" ~Shannon

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