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Steward's Dodger/OnC Shrine!

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Last updated December 16th, 2000.
Added fanart of Dodger in the Fan Art section.

In case, you didn't know, Dodger starred in the Disney 1988 animated movie, Oliver & Company. He is mostly white with brown spots on his head, ears, and on his back. Grey areas are on his muzzle and feet. He wears a red bandana and he looks extra cool if he's wearing shades! He even sings a cool song, called "Why Should I Worry?" If he sounded familiar to you in the movie, that is because he was voiced and sung by Billy Joel. I have all of his CD's. He is one of my favorite Disney characters and is my favorite character in the movie. Tito is my second favorite character in the movie.

Seeing that there is hardly ANY Oliver & Company websites on the WWW, I decided to make my very own as a fitting tribute to this relatively unpopular movie (although I'm not one of those people who said the movie was bad) and to Dodger in general. He is one of my favorite Disney characters ever! I stuck in everything I could find about the movie and New York's coolest quadruped (or should I say, the world's coolest quadruped (well I dunno which is cooler, Dodger or Ed from The Lion King :) I also got lots of neato images you can't find anywhere else and lots of reviews on the movie. Have fun!


I have a busy life now, so as of today updates will be few and far between due to lack of time.

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