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Sarah Elizabeth Hinkle

This is our oldest sister Sarah. She lives and works in Kentucky.

She has a cat named Junior

When she was a little girl she had a stuffed bunny she named Hoppity and her boyfriend gave her two real rabbits but they ran away. Now except for Junior the closest thing she has to a cuddly animal is a hedgehogs and several other rodants.

She also is raising reptiles but I don't think that any of them are deadly. She also raises frogs.

When she was a little girl she loved the Raggedy Ann Then in high school she couldn't get enough of

In high school she also became interested in mythical animals and all other things mystical and magical. Now she loves everything to do with penguins

Sarah graduated from Tazewell High School in 1990and Berea College in 1994.

While she was in high school she ran the 2 mile on the track team

Sarah is now a Girl Scout Leader and Service Unit Administrator. We are not surprised because she has been a scout since she joined the Brownies in thrid grade.

In high school she earned both the silver and the gold awards. She also attended six national and international Wider Ops.

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