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Gearhead's Classic Musclecar Page!

In 1967 I bought my first new car, it was a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda with the 340 V-8 engine and 3.55 sure grip rear! It ran 14.3 in the quarter mile and was a blast to drive. There were many musclecars around but 1968 was Chrysler's year! The great 340 block was new, the Roadrunner was new, the Super Bee was new and the newly restyled Charger was a beautiful hit! What a year! While 1967 seemed to be Chevy's year with the new 1967 Camaro Z-28 released that was to become a long running legend. However 1967 was also the first year for the great GTX! In 1970 Ford had a big hit with it's redesigned Torino, the Torino GT Super-Cobra-jet 428 was wild! I loved it and even considered trading in my Barracuda (almost). See my new Ford page for more on these cars! See my other pages for more Mopars!

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The Great 1968 Plymouth Barracuda!

The 1968 Barracuda above is not really mine but looks very similar. The wheels even appear to be the same as I used! My car was the notchback instead of the fastback, there were very few of these around as the fastback was popular then. I went with this style because it was 200 pounds lighter, and therefore, faster! Unfortunately it threw me into a higher class at the track and made the competition difficult. My car was also the lighter color of green available, there were three greens that year!

The 1989 CSX by Shelby

The 1989 CSX by Shelby is a great car, these are scarce and I would love to have one but settled for a 1994 Plymouth Duster with the Mitsubishi 3.0 V-6 OHC engine. It runs strong and still gives me 20 mpg! The wife hates the 5 speed though. You can see my Duster at : DUSTER

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