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Parables, Stories and Poetry


This is a parable 
about making a cake and why recovery 
is so much alike!
The Cake Parable

This parable is about 
three frogs on a log.
Three Frogs Parable

This poem is 
about letting go!.
Broken Toys

How very true!
Right on the money!
The Man In The Glass!

This story is why
your sponsor says you just 
where you are supposed to be!
Ups and Downs of Life

This is poetry 
from my friend Tiffany
Tiffany's Recovery Poetry

This is a poem that
hits home with me!
The Man in the Glass

This is a parable about service work!
The Service Work Parable

This is a poem about what
money can't buy!
Money Can Buy...

Feel like drinking?
You will not after reading this!
Drinking And Driving

Ever ask why your
sponsor tells you to 
work with newcommers?
Here is why!
Everyone has Problems 

A Poem to warm
your heart!
Here is why!
AA's Grocery Store

This is truly

Here is a new one!
I got this prayer in an email
and I did some Photoshoping!
An AA Prayer

This is a baseball parable 
about God's Grace!
The Lord's Ball Team

This parable is about the value
of things often as worthless.
The Old Violin

These poems are about
why sponsors stress praying!
The Difference

This story is why
why sponsors stress
making ammends!

It Is Never Too Late!

Send Your Favorite AA or
Al-Anon Friend a greeting!
I am sending you
a 12 step greeting!

A Christmas Poem
Then And Now

Want to post something
funny in your clubhouse?

Not Only is it in the Big Book, It's in the Bible too!


A little photo I took best describes 
A Walk of Faith


This is an autobiography
in five short lessons! 
Here are a list of things I 
have learned or should have!
Things I've Leaned
This for those who
want God's Job!
Memo From God
I found this in a church lobby one Sunday!
I heard this in an ACA meeting one night 
and found the poem that goes with it!
Unfolding A Rose
I heard this in
an ACA meeting too!

Time to Pray!


Have you ever really listened to 
that little voice in your head?
Are You an Angel?
Donated by Penny

A true story about the 
Gift that is free to all!
The Offering
Donated by Penny

This story was sent to me 
and it will bring tears 
to your eyes as it did mine!
The Miracle of a Brother's Love

This story tells of God's
protective powers!
The Power of Prayer

A story about a child's
experience of crossing
over to heaven

How well are you building
your Eternal Home?
The Carpenter
Donated by Penny

This is the story of lives of three
trees and how they found worth in life!
Three Trees

Here is what happens 
when you let go!
God's Love Boxes

This story tells of God's
protective powers!
The Cross

This one will bring
tears to your eyes!
Someone To Understand
Donated by Penny

This one will
go to your heart!
Puppy Size

Ever have doubts
about Eternal Life?
The Life After Death Parable
Donated by Penny

No love greater 
than this story!
Under His Wing
Donated by Penny

A powerful lesson of 
Love Thy Neighbor
As Thy Self!
Grandfather's Table

Sometimes one must
Speak out!
Stand UP!

This will make you think the next
time you meet a homeless person
Meeting Daniel

Think about this one when you
don't have time for a childSandpiper Joy

This is a small essay I wrote one day about being homeless. I have received large amounts of attention from what I consider a confession of my past misdeeds while being homeless

Please Forgive Me

This poem was written for me after I spoke for a class at NKU. I felt quite honored!
A Triumphant Spirit
Here are some stories with a moral from Father Mark 
at the Society of the Divine Word. They are excellent!

Stories With Christian Morals

Please visit my friend Ferne's page for more Christian poetry!
More great poetry and stories!


Oh Great Spirit!
An Indian prayer

The Saint Francis is also 
the 11th step prayer in AA!
St. Francis Prayer

Alcoholics Anonymous's official prayer!
The Serenity Prayer

How right this lady was 
when she wrote this prayer!
A Prayer For the USA

I found this on a funeral card is a beautiful prayer!
A Passing On Prayer

Here is a prayer right out 
of the Big Book of AA!
Third Step Prayer

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