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WWF Week All this week on MTV 4:30 PM Eastern Time

Chyna is the #1 contender for the championship at Summerslam she will face Austin in the championship matchup.  Commissioner Shawn Michaels made a pin falls count anywhere match Triple H vs. Austin vs. Taker,
            but Austin was smashed in the head with a cinder block?? So..Michaels made Chyna the  replacement for Austin in the match. Triple H refered to Chyna as just a woman, and she...FOR THE FULL STORY GO TO:  WWF News

News on Rena Mero:  Rena has finished filming an Ab Roller Commercial, a
cosmetics commercial, and will be appearing on the Sci Fi Show called
Fist is a good show (I like it anyway), so I am looking forward
to seeing her on it, she did very well in Pacific she should be excellent
in this show as well.  I know she is not part of the WWF anymore, but
neither is WCW and I do post news on WCW on here.., so don't email
me about how much you have Mrs. Mero or tell me that she isn't part
of WWF.

Stone Cold at the WWF PPV "Fully Loaded" ended the Vince McMahon
            defeating The Undertaker in a First Blood match. Then On RAW they said their goodbyes..Stone Cold had JR sing a song (the crowd as well) the lyrics:

            "NaNaNaNa NaNaNaNa Oh Hell Yeah, Goodbye!"

It was a wonderful thing seeing Vince's face for the "last" time! But knowing Vince he'll probably try and squirm his way out of of he can enjoy trying to make Austin's life a living hell..which Austin said that he enjoyed. 
Also at Fully Loaded The Hardy Boyz lost the tag titles to the Acolytes at their
            re-match..,on RAW The Acolytes retained the titles in their match against Edge and Christian. 

FOR THE FULL STORY TO:  The End Of An Era (and then some)

It won't be long till Chris Jericho comes to the WWF!

Times Square gets some more Attitude!

            By Kevin Sullivan

            As if New York City doesn't have enough attitude already, two Big Apple newspapers are reporting that the World Wrestling Federation has finalized a deal to open a theme restaurant in the Times Square entertainment district. The restaurant, which will supposedly be open for business later this year, will seat more than 600 people, according to the New York Times and New York Daily News. In addition to the large dining area, the theme restaurant is also expected to feature an interactive arcade, a merchandise store and  a theater that will play host to Federation action, concerts and other entertainment performances.

FOR THE FULL STORY GO TO:  WWF Restaurant in Times Square