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One day a bum was searching through a dumpster for food and other stuff rich people carelessly throw away. As he's picking through the everyday trash he finds a lamp. He dusts it off and *poof!* A genie appears! The genie says, "I will give you three wishes. But for each wish, every lawyer in the world gets two times what you get."
"All right," says the bum, "I wish for $1,000,000!" *poof!* Instantly he has a check for $1,000,000 in his hand and every lawyer in the world instantly has a check for $2,000,000 in their hands.
"O.K.," says the bum, "now I want a Porsche." *poof!* Now he has a Porsche and every lawyer in the world has TWO Porsches.
"Now, for my very last wish, I've always wanted to donate a kidney."

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