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Hello there and welcome to my Nicole Kidman Page. As of now, there really isn't very much on it. But, I will be updating periodically. I AM NOT Nicole more love letters to Nicole please!
11-12-01- Sorry for the lack of updates. School started and so did the stress. I added another page of pictures today, and will get the pics and article from the magazine "Good Housekeeping" up as soon as they are off the racks.

7-26-01- Added the interviews page and 3 interviews.

7-25-01- Thanks for your votes everyone! Nicole Kidman won! (I think!) Added pics pages 15-17 today.

7-24-01- Added a link to my Yahoo Club, created today.

7-23-01- I added a chat and message board...also the thanks page and links page and the voice page and the movies page and pictures pages 11-14. Whew!

7-21-01- Added the "Hindi Sad Dimonds" lyrics. Working on getting a chat and message board.

7-19-01- Added four more quotes to the quotes page.

7-12-01- The last two days I've been putting buttons on this website. Whew! I'm done! I've also added picture pages 8, 9 and 10.

7-10-01- Quotes page added. Anyone have any quotes to add? I'm at a loss.

7-7-01- Added Contact Nicole page and Filmography page. Added new counter, as SiteMeter was annoying me.

7-6-01- Changed colors on entire site to appeal to the majority of the population of Nicole fans, who says that the colors I had on here before were far too "girly".

6-18-01- Added "Sparkling Diamonds" lyrics.

6-17-01- I went on a 4-day vacation so I didn't update until today. Added poll, Why Nicole? and Pictures 7 pages.

6-13-01- Guestbook added, 5 picture pages added.

6-12-01- This site is born! Lyrics, Pic page 1, and Information page created.

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