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Well, I've finally got a few things wrapped up on this site (just in time for BAT, I hope). I've posted the WinDoze .miff version of my Sampa Set, finished my Wurstburg Set, and finished my Gotham Set. Thank you tripod.com for the free webspace, hope everyone is happy with the new location. Sorry about the stupid pop-up, folks, I think it only comes up for the initial page, so just ignore it. 
A lot of people have been complaining to me that I hadn't posted a mif version of my Sampa Set.   They were right, of course...the problem was color pallete shifting. I wound up doing seperate pallete conversions for every single tile (as opposed to just using WinSCURK's .til->.mif conversion facility..that was a total disaster!), even so I got billions of blinking pixels...animation effects gone wild. I wound up hand-editing each tile to fix the blinkies...what a pain! That's why it took so long to release the .mif file. Hope you  enjoy it. 

Also, I hope you enjoy my "bastardized" Wurstburg Set, consisting of 95% Steve McGlenn's tiles and one or two of my own, it's nothing like the real Frankfurt (which still has a zillion fantastic buildings to be modeled), but it has a nice Germanic "feel" to it, very different from the standard Maxis Set. For better or for worse, this is my first complete tileset...the best part is that it is completely functional in SC3K (in other words, it looks pretty good even when the tiles are placed by the SC3K zoning engine rather than you yourself). Anyway, I hope you check it out... 

As for the new NYC tiles, as I've written before, they are mostly images that were "borrowed" from some fantastic SCURK artists and touched up, re-scaled, and/or modified by myself. Kudos to Steve McGlenn, Justin Smith, Charles Warren, Rich Yoon and everybody else I stole from! I'm calling the set the "Gotham Tileset," it's finally complete, I've used every tile. As opposed to the Wurstburg set, this set absolutely must be used with Place&Print, if you try and use it in SC3K, you'll get a mess of a city. You're welcome to try, of course, but I used every tile, including construction and rubble, to draw buildings - my only criterion for which tile I actually used was size. Therefore, when you tear down a building, instead of getting a nice pile of rubble, you end up with a few tenements and the Holland tunnel entrance! ;-)  

I hope you've taken a look at my SCURK Tips page by now. It's coming on slowly (so what else is new?), but I finally have the "basics" done - explanations about how to manipulate perspective, contrast, shade, color, light and shadow. Now that I've got the "Theory of SCURK" done, and I've moved on to the details - walls, windows, shapes, etc.. I did a page on textures for Chris DeWolf's ESM 'mag, and I've included it in my SCURK Tips.  I'm still working on a page about how to draw complex shapes, it's a tough subject, but please do go take a look. Your feedback is truly appreciated - tell me what you think about what I've written so far and what you would like to see. (Matter of fact, I'm kinda stuck on my Shapes page... any HELP!!! would be appreciated! ;-) )  

As always, feel free to write, I respond to everything EXCEPT REQUESTS FOR PIRATED SIMCITY PRODUCTS. Jeeeeez.... OK, I'm off of my soapbox now. Keep on SCURKing! ;-)  



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