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During W.W.II, the lovely film star Marlene Dietrich became the darling of many a G.I., including the soldiers of the 101st Airborne. Marlene was loved by, and loved the Screaming Eagles. Despite her German background, Marlene's devotion to the American soldiers and her many USO and War Bond appearances endeared her to the soldiers forever more. Her extraordinary beauty didn't hurt either.

Sarah with two other sweethearts, her nieces Jessie and Sammie.

Likewise, the members of the 101st Timeline Living History Society have adopted a beautiful mascot of their own, my friend and co-worker Sarah Tinsley. Like Marlene, there is more to this young lady than her looks. Sarah's grandfather served as part of an aircrew in the Air Transport Command during W.W.II and it has been my pleasure to help her learn more about his role during the war. Her interest and devotion to the soldiers of the armed services, and the 101st in particular, now fighting in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, has endeared her to the hearts of the 101st TLHS.

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