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This page will contain links to articles that appeared in several news sources, most will be from reporters embedded with the 101st during the first stage of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. It will take some time to get all the articles I want to be added to the page, so check please check back to see the latest updates. Hoo-ah?
Troops of the 101st Gathering in Iraq (03/04/03) By Kimberly Hefling, Associated Press.
Reporters Journal: Bunkers are a reassurance when within Scud missile range (03/04/03) By Chantal Escoto, The (Clarksville) Leaf-Chronicle
Reporters Journal: Sandstorm's fierce; soldiers are jewels (03/05/03) By Chantal Escoto, The (Clarksville) Leaf-Chronicle
Security duty serious business for soldiers of the 101st (03/05/03) By Chantal Escoto, The (Clarksville) Leaf-Chronicle  
Amenities make duty in the desert bearable (03/06/03) By Chantal Escoto, The (Clarksville) Leaf-Chronicle    
101st counts on high-tech gear for decisive edge (03/08/03) By Chantal Escoto, The (Clarksville) Leaf-Chronicle    
Counting my blessings on a cool Mosul night (04/30/03) By Pfc. John Matise, public affairs specialist, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

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